, Salem, MA

January 10, 2014

Police: Beverly resident attacks assistant DA

by Terri Ogan
Staff Writer

---- — SALEM ā€” A former Danvers bus driver, who was found guilty of a charge of assault and battery on a disabled person in December, attacked Assistant District Attorney Patrick Collins in the Salem District Courthouse yesterday, police said.

Collins was a prosecutor for the assault and battery case involving John Marrs, 53, of Ober Steet, Beverly. When they bumped into each other in the courthouse yesterday, Marrs was very agitated and began inquiring about the case he pleaded guilty to on Dec. 12, police said.

Salem District Court Judge Michael Lauranzano imposed a year of probation, including anger management classes and no work with disabled children or adults.

After encountering Collins, Marrs yelled, ā€œIā€™m gonna get you,ā€ then became extremely angry, clenched his fists and took an aggressive stance in front of Collins, who said he was in fear of getting assaulted, according to police.

Three Beverly police officers witnessed the incident and intervened, escorting Marrs away from Collins and to the elevator.

While the officers were escorting Marrs out of the courthouse, he began yelling obscenities at Collins, police said.

This is the second report of an assault on a public employee this week at the Salem District Courthouse.

While in a combative state, a Salem defendant attacked two court officers Wednesday while being escorted from the courtroom to a holding cell, police said.

Police said a warrant will be sought for Marrs on charges of assault and battery on a public employee.