, Salem, MA

March 10, 2014

Would-be rescuer told to mind her own business

By Alan Burke
Staff Writer

---- — SALEM — A woman’s efforts to save another woman from a difficult situation proved to be unwelcome and apparently unnecessary.

The bizarre incident happened Saturday afternoon as police were called to Murphy’s restaurant on Derby Street after a caller alerted them to a woman who “was extremely intoxicated and may be in need of police assistance,” according to the log.

“I could just tell,” the caller explained when officers arrived, “that she needed to be away from the man she was with. She looked uncomfortable and I just knew he wasn’t the right man for her.” She added, “I’ve seen this too many times in my field of work. She does not want to be with him and needed help getting away from him.”

Her field of work is not mentioned in the log.

When police approached the supposed victim, they were told that the caller, a person unknown to the couple, had interrupted their dinner “to bestow her unwanted opinions upon them.” The outraged woman had already told the caller “to mind her own business.” Furthermore, she did not appear to be drunk or impaired in any way. The manager provided a receipt showing the two had ordered two meals and only two beers.

Their meal spoiled, the couple decided they could not remain at the restaurant and would go somewhere else. They departed as the manager apologized to them for the incident. He asked the would-be rescuer, however, to leave as “she was harassing customers and forcing Murphy’s to lose business,” according to the log. She departed without incident.