, Salem, MA

March 20, 2014

It's the other Treadwell's ice cream that's moving

By Alan Burke and John Castelluccio
Staff Writers

---- — PEABODY — Never fear, Treadwell’s World Famous Ice Cream will be in Peabody for years to come.

Owner Tom Gould, who is also a city councilor, started sending out Facebook and Twitter alerts last weekend after faithful customers got wind of the news that Treadwell’s was moving to Lawrence. That much was true, but just not the Peabody Treadwell’s.

It turns out the big move was by the family that originally owned the ice cream shop and sold the business to Gould 14 years ago. They kept a small stand at Smolak Farm in North Andover, and that’s what they’re moving over to Lawrence, Gould said.

“People were asking us on Facebook what was going on, why we were moving from Peabody,” he said. “We had to put that to bed quick. We’re tickled pink with our Peabody store, which is doing better than ever.”

Irishman of the Year

Peabody’s Jack Lawless was the recipient of a new award this year. He was honored as Irishman of the Year at the second annual St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast and Roast on Saturday.

Roast host Tom Gould said event organizers wanted to add something to recognize Peabody’s Irish folks and came up with the idea for an award. There were two or three candidates, and Lawless won out.

Lawless, 79, is a retired Peabody elementary school teacher, veteran and president of the Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 11.

Gould says the breakfast raised $4,000 to $5,000 for Haven from Hunger. The checks are still coming in. Attendance was tallied this year at 230.

Have another musician. Have two.

The City Council wasn’t quite sure what it wanted when Michael Clukey arrived seeking an entertainment license for his new restaurant, Mike & Lil’s Black Sheep Club and Grill. It’s to be located in the space formerly occupied by the defunct Firebull Restaurant. Clukey wanted a grand piano. But the likelihood of more musicians and more noise had councilors worried.

“I know that building,” said a concerned Jim Moutsoulas. “There are tenants up above.”

Currently, noted Councilor Peter McGinn, the upstairs is being renovated and is empty.

Discussion concerned how many musicians would accompany the pianist. And the closing time. An agreeable Clukey stressed that the establishment is family-oriented.

How about employing fewer musicians? OK.

What about an earlier closing time? OK.

But councilors are also eager to see such businesses succeed.

“Let’s not punish a new business,” urged Councilor Anne Manning-Martin. “Eleven o’clock is not outrageous, especially if we want to revitalize the downtown. ... I’m in bed by 8:30, but I would think most people would not think 11 is late.”

“We’re going with what he asked for,” said Councilor Tom Walsh. Two to three musicians with instruments had been suggested in the application with an 11 p.m. closing time.

“You seem kind of young,” Moutsoulas told Clukey.

“I’m not that young,” he said.

Clukey and Lillian Chalifour will run the new restaurant. Previously they worked at Leslie’s Retreat in Salem.

The walking signs

They can’t be stopped. All efforts to impede their inexorable march up Route 1 have been futile.

The City Council, stung by recent setbacks in the war on billboards, found itself approving another one at 271 Newbury St. on Ryder Truck property. The location assures you can see it from Interstate 95 and Route 1.

Councilor Barry Osborne complained that you can also see it from some homes.

“How do we know there’s no glare at Avalon (Apartments)?” he asked.

“This is an LED sign,” said lawyer David Ankeles. “There is little or no glare from an LED sign.”

Osborne was skeptical of the notion that the sign won’t be seen easily 2,000 feet away. “If the company didn’t think the sign could be seen for 2,000 feet, they wouldn’t go to the expense of putting it up,” he said.

The sign will be nearly 75 feet tall, but Ankeles explained that this height means they won’t have to cut down trees. Only Anne Manning-Martin, Tom Gould and Barry Sinewitz voted against it. The sign is in the area set aside for such things by zoning ordinances. That may have raised concerns about legal action if it were denied.

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