, Salem, MA

October 15, 2013

Frasca: Proposes museum district downtown


---- — PEABODY — As a candidate for at-large city councilor, Scott Frasca, 45, points to a life already filled with community projects, from his Making a Difference in Peabody Foundation to two terms as Library Trustee. The former organization, which he founded, collects donations for those trying to pay their rent or buy food.

“Hundreds of people have come in,” he said. “I know how to listen and respond to people’s needs.”

Frasca works as a consultant to businesses and nonprofits through his Frasca Strategies in Peabody. As a young man, he pursued acting/modeling, even portraying characters in TV docudramas, including FBI agents. As a councilor, he hopes to make public safety a priority. For example, he suggests more personnel for the police and fire departments.

“Three people on a (fire) truck instead of two,” he said.

At the same time, Frasca does not want higher taxes. “Not when you raise taxes 13 years in a row ,and there’s a surplus. ... There are plenty of seniors on fixed incomes, and they can’t take any more,” he said.

City incomes have not kept pace with rates statewide, he said. He sees attracting more commerce to the community as a better alternative and believes his own consulting experience puts him in a good position to help do this.

He’s committed to establishing an “innovation center” to draw profitable organizations to Peabody.

“I’m talking to some property owners about it right now,” he said. “That’s something that’s going to happen.” Additionally, he proposes a museum district downtown, drawing upscale shops and restaurants.

“I think I can use my educational background, my experience in business and my ideas to help improve the economy. ... We do need a good, long-term economic plan.”

With two kids — Frasca conceded that he’s already got a full schedule.

“But I enjoy it all. It excites me,” he said.

Scott Frasca Address: 2 Maddabon Place Age: 45 Employment: Frasca Strategies, consults with businesses Education: Peabody High School, Salem State (Bachelor of Arts), Harvard University (Master of Science), Northeastern University (Master of Science), Kennedy School of Government -- 1 year. Family: Two children 1, 2, with Michelle Elected office: Library Trustee two terms. Community: Making a Difference in Peabody founder, Chamber of Commerce, Higgins Middle School council, American Cancer Society fundraiser, Harvard Club of the North Shore Health: Does not rule out taking city health care if elected Pastime: Running, dogs and kids