, Salem, MA

October 16, 2013


The Salem News

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An 8-year-old was transported to a hospital from a Heritage Way address after a 1:58 p.m. report that he or she had fallen down stairs and sustained a possible back injury.

An 11:24 p.m. report of a loud party brought police to an address on Washington Street, where they determined four people had been “fighting over the Red Sox game.” An officer wrote later: “Will keep it down for the night.”


A 3:34 a.m. report that a woman needed assistance brought an officer to a Rowland Street address. Police wrote: “Caller reports she is without heat as a result of a blown fuse and possibly a burst lightbulb. She seems confused and nervous.” Police wrote later: “Officer removed boxes away from her windows that were open. Officer also adjusted her heat and moved several items away from her control panel. No electrical issues in the residence.”

Police received a 10:26 p.m. report that five or six youths were fighting in front of a house on Elm Street, but an officer determined later that a man had “yelled at a kid crossing the street.”



Police received a 4:53 p.m. report that an elderly man at 75 Central St. “keeps falling down out front.” An officer later determined the man had returned to his apartment.


An officer struck a curb in a department cruiser at Aborn and Washington streets about 12:55 a.m., according to the log. “Damage to the front driver’s side rim,” police wrote.

Police received a 7:49 a.m. report of gunshots from somebody in the Stark Circle neighborhood, but an officer later determined the noises had likely come from hunters in Middleton.

A Tara Road resident had left a voicemail for the animal control officer complaining of “turkeys in the neighborhood,” according to a 12:19 p.m. log item.

An officer was unable to locate a woman in her 60s with a gray pony tail who was reported to be panhandling in the area of 637 Lowell St. at 1:28 p.m.

A 1:49 p.m. report that a woman had been threatened with a knife brought police to Northend Street. Police subsequently determined that the woman had let her dog out without a leash: “Dog went towards the elderly neighbor, who was trimming his grape vines with a pruning tool,” wrote police. “Elderly man told the dog to get away. The [reporting party] called the police reporting the man had a knife.”



Police received an 8:46 a.m. report that a vehicle had struck three cars near the Bank of America in Vinnin Square and then fled toward Lynn on Paradise Road. No injuries were reported.

Police were unable to locate the white man with a black hat and white jacket who was reportedly being assaulted and chased by two black men at Eastman Avenue and Essex Street at 6:39 p.m.


Police received a 6:28 p.m. report of 12 gunshots in the area of 19 Littles Point Road, but an officer was unable to locate anything amiss.


Police and firefighters were unable to locate anything suspicious after a 7:24 p.m. report of a smell of smoke in the area of 1000 Paradise Road.



A 5:58 p.m. report of a suspicious man brought police to 32 Essex St. An officer wrote later: “Party was found sleeping behind the library. We dispersed him from the area.”

Police and the Fire Department received a 7:26 p.m. report that a 2-year-old had locked his or her mother out of a residence at 51 Simon St. Firefighters let the woman back in.


Police didn’t locate anything suspicious in the area of 11 Whitney Ave. after a 12:13 a.m. report that a woman was screaming there.

Police received a 7:21 a.m. report that a dog had been struck by a train at Cabot and Congress streets.

Police responded to a 2:54 p.m. report that six men were surrounding a house at Walker and Cherry roads. Police wrote later: “Checked the area but found no one on the street. Neighbors that we spoke with had also not seen or heard anything. Calling party identified and incident found to be in Salem.” Salem police were notified about the incident, but they couldn’t locate the group of people either.

A 3:54 p.m. report that somebody had heard the “sounds of snoring and a radio playing coming from the basement” brought police to 16 Cross St., where they determined nobody was in the basement and nothing seemed amiss. “Exterior access to basement was secure and intact,” wrote an officer.



Police were unable to locate anything amiss in the area of 64 Boston St. after a 5:18 p.m. report of fireworks there.

Police responded to an 11:41 p.m. report that a woman was yelling for police from inside an apartment at 117 Lafayette St. “Contact was made with resident...she stated that she was fine and was asleep,” police wrote. Officers searched her apartment and building but found nothing suspicious.


Officers were unable to locate an injured animal that was reported to be making noises in the park near 32 Clifton Ave. at 6:11 a.m.

Police responded to a 7:24 a.m. report that a “possible dog” was hurt on the side of the road at Highland Avenue and Crowdis Street. “Appears to be a fox,” an officer wrote later. “DPW notified.”

A 7:43 a.m. report that a woman had been slumped over the wheel of a vehicle for about an hour brought police to 247 Jefferson Ave., where they determined she had fallen asleep “after she arrived home from working a 24-hour shift.”

Police were unable to locate a motorcycle which was reported to be on fire at 205 Bridge St. at 7:58 a.m.

A 9:55 a.m. report that a motorcyclist had dumped his bike brought police to North Washington Square and William Street, where they determined the man had “made an evasive maneuver to avoid colliding with a car in front of him that stopped in traffic.” The man was transported to Salem Hospital with minor injuries.

A Beach Avenue man reported at 12:16 p.m. that his $22,900 gold Rolex Submariner wristwatch had been stolen from his dresser at some point since Sept. 28.

Police received a 2:39 p.m. report that a male at the Plummer Home at 37 Winter Island Road had kicked out a panel in an interior door after learning that staff had searched his room for contraband. Subsequently arrested was Isaih Gagnon, 18, of the same address, on a charge of malicious destruction of property over $250.

Police responded to Broad Street after a 3:41 p.m. report that a group of children were smashing pumpkins, but they were unable to locate them.



A 5:14 p.m. report that a man was yelling at people at the T-Mobile kiosk at the Liberty Tree Mall resulted in the arrest of Joseph Cobb, 30, of 21 Purchase St., Danvers, on charges of disorderly conduct, malicious or wanton damage or defacement, larceny under $250 and trespassing. An officer said Cobb broke a cellphone during a dispute with a kiosk employee.

Police fielded a 5:45 p.m. complaint that youths were playing football near 25 Maple St. An officer was unable to locate them.

A 9 p.m. report of an intoxicated man brought police to 225 Newbury St. Subsequently arrested was Ore Vacketta, 62, of 136 Holten St., Danvers, on a charge of disorderly conduct.


Police responded to a 2:27 a.m. report of a disturbance at the Comfort Inn on Dayton Street and subsequently arrested Tina Williams, of 14 Bourbon St., Peabody, on a charge of disturbing the peace. Williams had just turned 31 on Monday.