, Salem, MA

April 16, 2014

Police: Man gives little information on attack

By John Castelluccio
Staff Writer

---- — SALEM — A man was taken to the hospital with injuries Monday afternoon, but he wasn’t telling police officers who gave him the beating.

Police received multiple calls of a fight, possibly involving weapons, at the corner of Congress and Palmer streets at 4:16 p.m. After officers arrived at the scene, they spoke with a man who told them he was beaten up by four males. He said they hit him with a skateboard at one point and even used a Taser on him.

Police Lt. Mary Butler said the initial report didn’t specify the man’s injuries, but he was transported to the hospital.

The victim told officers he left his house when a small green car suddenly pulled up and four males approached him on Perkins Street. He tried to get away to a nearby relative’s house, but the suspects gave chase and began to kick, punch and hit him with a skateboard once they caught up with him. He said one of them then used a Taser on him.

Officers checked the area, but didn’t find the car and said the victim couldn’t give any reason why he was attacked. Butler said officers described him as being uncooperative and giving only vague descriptions of the suspects.

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