, Salem, MA

June 19, 2013

Police: 1 injured, 1 arrested in stabbing

By Neil H. Dempsey
Staff Writer

---- — SALEM — Police say a man was arrested yesterday afternoon after he stabbed another man in the arm during a series of confrontations at the Loring Towers apartment complex.

Nestor Julio Cordero, 22, of 1000 Loring Ave., Salem, was arrested on a charge of assault and battery by dangerous weapon and a violation of the city’s knife ordinance. He was being held on $10,000 cash bail at the police station last night.

Two officers responded to the apartment complex after a 2:32 p.m. report of an assault with a knife and found two males and a female engaged in a “heated argument” in the lobby, according to the incident log.

“One of the parties involved in the argument was holding a bandage over his left arm,” wrote police. The man subsequently told officers he had been stabbed and pointed to Cordero as the culprit.

Cordero originally became embroiled in an argument with the victim in an elevator at the complex and then showed up at his door later and stabbed him when the fight resumed, Lt. Scott Englehardt said. When the victim went to the apartment complex’s office to complain, the suspect showed up there, too. It was unknown what started the argument in the first place.

After the two were separated, one officer took the victim back to his apartment, while the other spoke with Cordero and the female, who was identified as Cordero’s girlfriend.

Cordero “was pacing back and forth” at that point, and the officer told him to sit down several times, police wrote.

“While he was sitting I observed him reach to his back right pocket several times,” wrote the officer.

The officer handcuffed Cordero and removed a folding knife from his back pocket, according to the log.

The victim was not seriously injured. Emergency personnel were called to the scene, but he refused medical treatment.