, Salem, MA

October 10, 2012

Sad end to owl rescue

By Alan Burke Staff writer
The Salem News

---- — SALEM — Its helpless, big-eyed stare won the hearts of the Salem police. Unhappily, their efforts to save a baby Northern saw-whet owl found on Canal Street on Sunday were not enough.

The tiny creature died from internal injuries, according to Patrolman Keith Reardon, who delivered the owl that night to David Taylor, a wildlife expert in Byfield.

Salem officers believed that the bird had a broken wing, and they weren’t wrong. In fact, its wing was dislocated, Reardon said. He reports that the owl died overnight.

On Sunday, police had responded quickly to a report that the owl was helpless on the sidewalk near Ropes Street, across from a car wash. Before they could rescue the bird, however, a passer-by, Patrice Mehu of Salem, arrived at the police station with the bird tucked inside his hat.