, Salem, MA

January 16, 2013


The Salem News

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Police responded to a 3:29 a.m. report that someone was “yelling for 911” at 315 Rantoul St., but an officer was unable to locate anyone in distress.

An officer cited a driver for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk on Cabot Street, according to a 4:44 p.m. report. The driver apparently went around another vehicle that had stopped to allow a young boy to cross the street, nearly striking the boy in the process.

A 5:34 p.m. report of a disturbance brought officers to 10 Emerson Circle, where they subsequently mediated a civil dispute between two people about a Craigslist transaction.

At 6:17 p.m., an officer at 6 Morgan Road arrested Timothy Shepard, 32, of the same address, on a charge of domestic assault and battery. He was also the subject of a warrant.



Twelve tires and rims were stolen off three cars in the lot at Kelly Motor Group at 1 Cross St., according to an 8:46 a.m. report.

A 1:07 p.m. report of a suspicious vehicle parked “on the side of the street for several hours” brought police to 100 Summit St., where they determined that it belonged to a private investigator.

A man was transported to Salem Hospital after he fell about 10 feet “off staging” at 13 Washington St., according to a 1:24 p.m. report.

A man at 16 Mandalay Drive was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital after a 3:50 p.m. report that he had suffered a hand laceration from a chain saw.

Police responded to a 10:20 p.m. report that a customer at Sylvan Street Grille took off without paying her $112 bill. An officer located her at a nearby gas station, but she was transported to Lahey Medical Center after apparently suffering a seizure. Emergency personnel subsequently told police that the woman left after the ambulance got to the hospital. The woman was again found and transported to the hospital. She will be summonsed on a charge of larceny of an innkeeper.

A Pleasant Street man reported at 10:35 p.m. that somebody had left a PlayStation 3 on his doorstep addressed to “Jassiel Ramirez,” who doesn’t reside there.

A 9:56 p.m. report of a loud nail gun brought police to 42 Paleologos St. “Party wrapped up for the night,” police wrote.


An employee of the Bank of America at 189 Andover St. told police at 11:49 a.m. that a customer “put hand sanitizer in their eye.” A woman subsequently refused medical transport.

Ralph E. Sciarretta, 43, of 17 Tracey St., Apt. 2D, Peabody, was arrested on a charge of trespassing by an officer on the tracks near Paleologos Street at 1:33 p.m. Two other men will be summonsed on the same charge. Sciarretta was also wanted on three warrants.



Police responded to a 5:28 p.m. report of an unwanted man at 23 Aborn St. and arrested Kevin Williams, 32, of the same address, on charges of two counts of domestic assault and battery.

A Boston Street woman reported at 10:17 p.m. that the maintenance man for her building had erroneously told her she was forbidden from having a dog. Police were unable to contact the man, who had reportedly told the woman “he would have 100 people out looking for her if she did not give him the dog.”


Police and the Fire Department responded to a 12:20 a.m. report of smoke in the basement of 278 Lafayette St. Firefighters determined that it was blowback from an oil burner. The cellar was cleared of smoke, and people were allowed back into the building.

An officer responded to a 1:11 a.m. report of people yelling at 22 Carlton St. and spoke to a man who said his girlfriend had “gone outside for air” and then disappeared. He and his friends had been yelling her name in an attempt to find her. The woman returned shortly thereafter, saying she had gone for a walk and gotten lost.

Police received a 1:54 a.m. report that a dog was being attacked “by other animals” at Hillside Avenue and Heritage Drive, but an officer was unable to locate anything amiss in the area.

Somebody walked out of Walmart at 450 Highland Ave. with two generators, according to a 10:59 a.m. report.

At 11:25 a.m., an officer at the Salem District Court arrested Johnny Fantauzzi, 22, of 7 Cherry St., Salem, on a straight warrant for a charge of aggravated assault and battery.

Police and the Fire Department responded to a 1:40 p.m. report of a lockout at 31 Perkins St. and determined that a man there had started to cook eggs and then locked himself out of the house while taking out his trash. The man called 911 because he knew he had food on the stove but was able to get back inside via a window. Firefighters extinguished the food and ventilated the apartment.

A Pickering Street man reported at 3:04 p.m. that a nine-piece set of sterling silver flatware had been stolen while he was away on vacation in late December.



Police took a report of domestic assault and battery at the Extended Stay Inn at 7:01 p.m.


A vehicle at Dick’s Sporting Goods had its tires slashed, according to a 2:06 p.m. report.

Police received a 7:01 p.m. report of stolen bottles of liquor from Kappy’s Liquors at 158 Andover St.

An officer responded to McDonald’s at 77 High St. after an 8:44 p.m. report that change had been thrown at a vehicle there, but nothing suspicious was found.


Heating oil was reported stolen from a Cheever Street address at 10:26 a.m.



The window of a vehicle on West Shore Drive had been smashed and cash stolen from a wallet inside, according to an 8:43 a.m. report.

Police and the Fire Department responded to a 6:37 p.m. report that a tour bus caught fire on Tedesco Street. The blaze was put out with a fire extinguisher.


Police received a 12:16 p.m. report from a Bessom Street address that a man’s girlfriend had struck him with a wine bottle, kicked him in the crotch and punched him several times. An officer investigated and determined, “He will stay with his sister for a few days, and she is allegedly moving out at the end of the month. Neither has any marks on themselves.”


Police received a 5:24 p.m. that an intoxicated man was stumbling toward his vehicle on Pleasant Street.