, Salem, MA

March 15, 2013


The Salem News

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A Nonantum Road resident reported a “death threat over the phone” at 11:32 a.m.

A man was reported to be “walking around houses” and “interested in one particular house” on Atlantic Avenue at 12:31 p.m., but police were unable to locate him.

Police received a 1:58 p.m. report that a Bubier Road man’s car had been entered but determined that nothing had been taken.

A woman reported at 2:42 p.m. that her ex-husband had nearly run her down in his vehicle while she was crossing the roadway with two dogs near Spring and Pleasant streets. The woman told police she had filed similar complaints before and that, “If I end up dead in a crosswalk, I want it known that I registered complaints.”

Police received a 5:38 p.m. report that tap water at two residences on Taft Street had turned copper-colored. “Work being done today on Shepard,” police wrote later, “nothing to be concerned about.”


Police received a 5:44 a.m. report that a large SUV was driving slowly down Bubier Road with its emergency lights on, swerving from side to side. Police were unable to locate it.



An egg was thrown at a house on Eaton Avenue, according to a 6:08 p.m. report.

Police responded to a 6:22 p.m. report that people were throwing things from a car at Rantoul and School streets, but an officer was unable to locate them.

A 6:31 p.m. report that people might have been sleeping in a boat brought police to 60 River St., where an officer determined the boat had been vandalized.

A solicitor who called a Roundy Street woman in regard to Amber Alerts “asked about children living at the residence,” according to a 6:36 p.m. report. “He claims to have gotten her phone number from a friend,” police wrote. “She said the male did not identify that he was with any company or organization.” No further information was available.


A 3:12 a.m. report of a disturbance in the emergency room brought officers to Beverly Hospital, where they determined that a man “kept bringing complaints to staff and was being difficult.” Police wrote: “He was told to stop complaining and wait his turn.”



Police received a 5:50 p.m. report of a fight outside CVS at 174 Main St. that “stemmed from a racial slur that was yelled.” One of the people involved had left by the time police arrived.

A woman at Crane Brook Way reported at 6:52 p.m. that her daughter had been assaulted in Salem by her father’s girlfriend.

An 11:42 p.m. report of a suspicious man looking at a house brought police to Pulaski Street, where they determined that he was “checking on a deceased cat.”


A man on Sunset Drive reported at 8:19 a.m. that “a modem at his residence started smoking.” Police wrote: “He left the residence. There were no flames.”

A small brush fire was reported on Helen Drive at 8:42 a.m. Police contacted the Fire Department.

A truck struck a gas pump at the Hess station at 545 Lowell St., according to a 9:57 a.m. report.

A catalytic converter was reported stolen overnight from a vehicle at 71 Newbury St. at 11:22 a.m.

Police received an 11:54 a.m. report that a 40-year-old intoxicated man with no shirt had “escaped” from Lahey Medical Center and was headed toward Nordstrom at the Northshore Mall. Police reported later that hospital security said the man had jumped into a yellow cab and taken off in an unknown direction.



Police received a 6:41 p.m. report that two women were going door to door at Burrill Street and Porter Place and asking for money.

A man reported a domestic disturbance on Rock Avenue in which his friend’s boyfriend “threw her cat at her” and “punched holes in the wall” at 11:18 p.m. Police eventually learned that the woman had left in a taxi and “she claimed the male at the house had thrown her to ground” and “kicked her cat downstairs” but that she was “OK” and “ending the relationship.”



At 4:29 p.m., an officer on Read Street arrested Juan Claudio, 28, of 5 Read St., Salem, on a charge of aggravated domestic assault and battery. An officer said Claudio punched his 11-weeks-pregnant girlfriend in the arm during a dispute.

Police received a 5:17 p.m. report that a possibly intoxicated man was sleeping in front of a store at 28 Norman St. The man told police that “he was just sitting on the side of the store catching some rays,” according to the log. Officers advised him to “find another place to hang out.”

A $750 baby stroller had been stolen from a common hallway at 11 Symonds St., according to a 6:04 p.m. log item. It was subsequently located in a neighboring apartment; the building owner “does not wish to pursue this matter,” according to the log.

Police received a 7:03 p.m. report that somebody at 179 Boston St. was throwing trash out a second-floor window. An officer spoke to the building manager, who said he was cleaning an apartment and had thrown the items out the window and then brought them to a Dumpster. He was advised “to bring the rest of the items down the stairs and not to throw them out the window,” police wrote.

A 9:46 p.m. report of a loud noise brought police to 12 Pope St., where they determined that a woman was using a hammer to hang pictures on the wall. She was advised to stop.


Police received a 7:24 a.m. report that a stray cat had gotten into a house at 24 West Ave. Officers responded, but the animal had already left.

A Broadway woman went to the station at 8:03 a.m. to report that she had been harassed by the ex-girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend for about eight years and “she has had enough.” Police supplied her a copy of the report so she could seek a harassment order against the woman.

Police received an 8:07 a.m. report that a quilt on Ocean Avenue was “covered in blood.” An officer said police had responded to that address earlier for a medical assist and that the blood was not suspicious.

A 2 p.m. report of an “unwanted party” brought police to 14 Gardner St., where they determined that a mother came home from work and became upset because “her daughter was lounging around with her friends instead of looking for a job.” The daughter agreed to leave for a while.



Police received a 6:38 p.m. report that a man hit a woman at Costco, 11 Newbury St.

A 9:47 p.m. report of shoplifting at CVS, 1 Maple St., resulted in the arrests of Nicole McCarthy, 22, of 7 Heritage Drive, Salem, and Krista McCaffrey, 24, of 32 Cedar St., Everett, each on a charge of shoplifting.

Police responded to a 10:09 p.m. report of a wrong-way driver on Andover Street, but were unable to locate anything suspicious in the area.