, Salem, MA

September 20, 2013


The Salem News

---- — Marblehead


Police received a 7:51 a.m. report that a crossing guard at Vine and Village streets appeared to be “having trouble.” Police wrote: “She is managing traffic. She is not letting cars go and causing a backlog. There is an incredible jam. Nothing new. Caller said the crossing guard looks really stressed out. Caller refused to leave her name.” An officer wrote later: “Everything looks amazing down here.”

A woman reported at 2:10 p.m. that she had been driving on Pleasant Street near Mohawk Road and “there were two women pushing a baby carriage in the crosswalk.” Police wrote: “She said she stopped as soon as she saw them but felt that they might report her for not being a safe driver.” The woman said the women had given her the “one finger salute.” The woman “reiterated that she is a safe driver and even stops to let people out of side streets,” police wrote.


Police received a 1:06 a.m. report that loud music was coming from a house on Nicholson Street and somebody was yelling out a window, “I can’t hear you.” Police wrote later: “Music has been turned down. Units will be clear.”



Police received a 4:34 p.m. report that bicyclists were using stairs and rails “for tricks” near 245 Newbury St. “Officer reported kids left prior to arrival,” police wrote later.

A 46-year-old man was transported to Lahey hospital after a 6:51 p.m. report that he had fallen approximately 10 to 12 feet at Lt. Ross Park, 32 Johnson St.

Officers were unable to locate anything amiss after a 9:22 p.m. report of gunshots on Warren Street.

A 3-year-old on Patricia Road was transported to Beverly Hospital after a 10:10 p.m. report that he or she was having an asthma attack.

Police responded to a 10:11 p.m. report that there was heavy smoke that smelled like burning rubber on Harris Street. “Officer reported smell may have been from vehicle spinning tires,” police wrote later. “Officer checked the area, reported all was in order.”


A woman reported at 9:13 a.m. that two people were “using drugs” in a green Cadillac on Foster Street. “When she left the area she saw the people again and believes they may be passed out,” wrote an officer. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

A Lenox Road woman’s employer reported at 10:07 a.m. that she hadn’t arrived for work, according to a log item. Police subsequently determined that she had overslept.

Police responded to a 12:28 p.m. report that a man with his pants off was urinating in the roadway at Andover Street and Route 128. An officer subsequently determined he had “a medical condition and tried to find an inconspicuous place to handle his issue.”



Police received a 7:49 a.m. report that money had been stolen during a residential break-in on Innis Drive.



An officer was unable to locate a man who was reported at 4:30 p.m. to be lying in a back stairwell at 209 Essex St.

Police were unable to locate a man who was reported at 5:52 p.m. to be “laid out” under a blanket at 2 Margin St.

Police didn’t find anything suspicious after they responded to a 5:59 p.m. report that kids were “hanging objects” off the garage at 2 East India Square.

A 6:34 p.m. report that a woman with a child was panhandling brought police to Highland Avenue and Traders Way, but they were unable to locate anything suspicious.


Police responded to a 3:01 a.m. report that there was a raccoon on the third floor of a residence at 37 Warren St. “The animal was removed from the house,” an officer wrote later.

A Raymond Avenue woman reported at 8:07 a.m. that she had found a small piece of chocolate in her yard. “She believes her neighbor ... may have put it there because he does not like her dogs,” wrote police. “Advised to call if any further problems.”

A 1:27 p.m. report of a disturbance brought police to 7 Cherry St., where they determined a woman had become “irate” when her mother refused to baby-sit her child.

About 2 p.m., officers on Boston Street arrested Holly M. Szczechowicz, 21, of 344 Essex St., Salem, and Gina M. Wright, 27, of 20 Jordan St., Beverly, each on a charge of illegal possession of a class B substance. Both were wanted on local warrants, according to the log.

Police conducted a traffic stop on Essex Street at 2:50 p.m. and subsequently arrested Nicholas Todd Santor, 24, of Jericho, Vt., on a charge of operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license and a violation of DPW rules.

Police responded to a 2:52 p.m. report of a domestic dispute at 22 Prince St. and spoke with a woman who said her boyfriend had been “beating her up mentally.” Police were unable to locate the man in question.

A 3:22 p.m. report of a disturbance brought police to 15 Heritage Drive, where they determined a woman had been arguing with her 7-year-old son about “what kind of snack he wanted.”