, Salem, MA

October 13, 2012

Peabody police arrest 10 in trespassing sweep

By Neil H. Dempsey Staff Writer
The Salem News

---- — PEABODY — Officers investigating reports of a homeless encampment behind Howley Street yesterday morning ended up arresting 10 people on trespassing charges.

Sgt. Robert Waugh said police were responding to complaints that homeless people had been congregating in an area near the railroad tracks by Howley and Main streets. Officers responded to that area at 9:58 a.m. and took 10 people into custody.

The following were arrested on a charge of trespassing on railroad tracks: Stephen Lyons, 52, of 122 Boston St., Salem; Eric Amor, 41, of 286 Washington St., Salem; Robert Evelyth, 52, of 4 Mill St., Peabody; Judith Carpentier, 34, of 356 Jefferson Ave., Salem; Thomas Gear, 53, of 68 Aborn St., Peabody; Catherine Davison, 49, of 128 Main St., Peabody; Peter A. Lang, 32, of 6 Railroad Ave., Rockport; Herbie Henry, 49, of 48 Margin St., Peabody; Robert Shruhan, 56, of 5 Clement Ave., Peabody; and Steven Gaulin, 44, of 56 River St., Beverly.

Robert Evelyth was additionally arrested on a Salem warrant.

Waugh said none of the arrested actually appeared to be living in the area, but were instead “just hanging out.”