, Salem, MA

February 8, 2013


The Salem News

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Police received a 2:18 p.m. report that a man in fatigues with a “full pack” was standing in front of the library on Pleasant Street. “Caller found it to be unusual,” wrote police. An officer was unable to locate the man.



A 4:55 p.m. report of a domestic dispute between a mother and son brought police to 139 Park St. Regina Ronci, 40, of the same address, was arrested on a charge of domestic assault and battery.

A 6:08 p.m. report that kids might have been going in and out of vehicles brought officers to 245 Cabot St., but they were unable to locate anything suspicious.

Police received an 8:10 p.m. report that neighbors on Memorial Drive were “being vulgar” and harassing a family.



A 4:01 p.m. report of an accident brought police to 3 Central St., where they determined an intoxicated pedestrian had walked into a vehicle and suffered a minor injury. Police transported the man to his residence.

A Pine Street man reported at 4:27 p.m. that he could hear people “throwing stuff around” in an abandoned building next door to his home. “Officer reports three youths that said they were doing a history project about the old firehouse,” wrote police. “They were sent on their way.”

Police received a 5:44 p.m. report that an injured turkey was obstructing traffic at Lynnfield and Washington streets. An officer responded to the area and determined the animal had already left. “Turkey has flown the coop,” police wrote.

A 5:47 p.m. report of a disturbance brought police to an Abbott Street residence, where they determined tenants were engaged in an ongoing dispute regarding “furniture being moved.”

A caller reported at 6:52 p.m. that he was followed by a vehicle that had cut him off on Central Street. Then the caller said he followed the vehicle and “exchanged words” with the other driver. Then the other driver “called him a name.” When police asked whether it was a road rage incident between him and the other driver, the caller “used profanity and hung up the phone,” wrote police.

A 7:35 p.m. report that somebody was trespassing at the Macy’s at the Northshore Mall resulted in the arrest of Rosemary Pacini, 67, 16 Crowninshield St., Apt. 308, Peabody, on charges of trespassing and shoplifting over $100.

An Ellsworth Road woman reported her ex-husband had ripped off her rear windshield wiper at 9:07 p.m.

Police received a 10:20 p.m. report from a woman on McIntire Court who said she didn’t want her daughter’s ex-boyfriend at the residence. The man was also the subject of two warrants. John O’Brien, 25, of 18 East Highland St., Lynn, was arrested on a charge of possession of a class C drug, in addition to the warrants.


A 7:36 a.m. report of a domestic assault brought police to 9 Walker Road, where they arrested Lauren Marie McCarthy, 26, of 6 Cushing St., Apt. 1, Salem, on charges of two counts of domestic assault and battery.

A caller reported a howling cat in the vacant lot behind the library on Main Street at 11:26 a.m. “I advised her the feral cat could be in heat,” wrote an officer. “She said she would verify and call back if there was a problem.”



A motorist reported a missing manhole cover on Paradise Road at 1:49 p.m. Police contacted the DPW.

Police received an 8:03 p.m. report that an intoxicated woman on Columbia Street was threatening to drive herself to the hospital. An officer reported later that her husband would take her.


A caller reported wires down on Burrill Street near Railroad Avenue at 5:43 a.m. Police contacted Verizon.



An injured swan was reported at Harbor and Liberty streets at 7:54 a.m. Police contacted the animal control officer.



Police received a 5:30 p.m. report of a loose rooster at 32 Clifton Ave. “No rooster found,” police wrote three-and-a-half hours later.

A 9:12 p.m. report of a disturbance brought police to 300 Derby St., where they determined a man was yelling at his scooter because he was upset it wouldn’t start.


Police received a 1:37 a.m. report of a domestic disturbance at 116 Bridge St. in which a person’s ex-girlfriend assaulted her with a piece of a broken mirror.

A woman reported a motor vehicle backed into her at the Market Basket parking lot at 227 Highland Ave. at 11:28 a.m., possibly injuring her leg. Police spoke to the driver, who denied hitting the woman. An officer reviewed security footage but said it was inconclusive.

Police received a 5:03 p.m. report of a suspicious man running with a purse at Salem and Dow streets.