, Salem, MA

August 15, 2013

Zeke the turtle is going strong

The Salem News

---- — BEVERLY — A year after his brush with fame, Zeke the turtle is alive and well.

Like PeeWee the parrot, Zeke escaped from his Ryal Side home and had much of the neighborhood looking for him. His month on the lam last August was a big story in the local and Boston media and ended happily when a neighbor found him 30 days later.

Zeke’s owner, Debbie Young, said he is enjoying his summer and learning to like worms and fruits instead of roast beef. She is hoping the story of PeeWee the parrot ends as well as Zeke’s did.

“If you are going to lose a pet, Ryal Side is the place to do it,” Young said in an email. “I am sure someone will find their pet and return it to them.”