, Salem, MA

January 24, 2014

UPDATED: New charge for Chism

Julie Manganis
The Salem News

DANVERS — Philip Chism, the Danvers teen charged with murdering his math teacher, Colleen Ritzer, last October, has been indicted on a new aggravated rape charge.

The indictment charges Chism, 14, as a youthful offender. 

It was returned this morning following the presentation of additional evidence to the same grand jury that indicted Chism last fall in Ritzer's murder and on other charges, including another rape count. 

This new indictment alleges that Chism engaged in sexual intercourse with Ritzer, either by force or threat. 

The earlier indictment alleged that Chism also raped Ritzer with an object.

Prosecutors this afternoon also obtained a warrant to allow them to view the contents of Chism's cell phone.

In papers filed in support of the warrant, they say Chism claimed to have discarded his phone to avoid being tracked by the phone's GPS feature. Investigators note that the GPS can be deactivated by removing the battery or shutting off the feature, and suspect that there could be evidence on the phone, such as photographs, that Chism did not want investigators to find. 

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