, Salem, MA

March 5, 2014

School superintendent tops Salem pay list

Tom Dalton
The Salem News

One in an occasional series on municipal salaries.

SALEM — Superintendent of Schools Stephen Russell is not only top dog at the School Department — he’s No. 1 on the city salary list.

Russell earns $172,392, which makes him the highest-paid city employee.

Next in line is police Capt. Brian Gilligan, the right-hand man of police Chief Paul Tucker, at $168,000. His base salary is almost $85,000, which means about half his pay comes from overtime, details and other additional compensation, which is the case with almost all of the top-earning police officers.

Police, not surprisingly, hold down 13 of the top 15 salary positions.

Tucker, who has been chief for five years and just announced his candidacy for state representative, earns $158,000 to rank fifth on the city salary list.

Mayor Kim Driscoll didn’t crack the list of top-50 earners, but she should next year. The City Council just voted her a $20,000 raise, boosting her pay to $120,000, which would have placed her 32nd on the current list.

The two assistant superintendents of school, Kate Carbone and Margaret Marotta, were among the top earners, with Carbone ($146,000) at No. 8 and Marotta (nearly $135,000) No. 13.

After police and school staff, the top earner is Deputy fire Chief Brian Harrington at nearly $132,000. He finished a few hundred dollars ahead of fire Chief Dave Cody.

For a list of the top 50 Salem salaries, scroll to the bottom of the page.