, Salem, MA

September 20, 2013

Danvers police release sketch of suspected fake officer

Neil H. Dempsey
The Salem News

---- — DANVERS — Police continue to search for the fake officer who sexually assaulted a woman on Tuesday after he pulled her over on State Road, and earlier today released a sketch of a suspect.

The incident occurred about 6:15 p.m., when an unidentified man with blue lights in the grill of his black Dodge Charger pulled over a 33-year-old woman and demanded to see her license.

After pretending to check her information in his car, he told the woman she wasn’t “in the system,” then ordered her out of her car and conducted a curbside pat-frisk that police say lingered in the area of her breasts, buttocks and crotch.

The man was described as being white, in his 20s, with short, dark hair, about 5 feet 6 inches. He was wearing a dark-colored uniform complete with a badge at the time of the assault. The woman did not report that he had a gun or patches on the shoulder of his uniform.

“The witness indicated that the suspect’s most distinguishing feature to her was his nose, which was described as upturned,” police wrote in a press release today.

After the pat-frisk — all of it above the woman’s clothing — the man gave her license back, said she was free to go, and was last seen traveling on State Road toward Route 62 in the Charger.

“We ask the public to bear in mind that this sketch is an artist’s rendition of an unknown suspect, produced by a witness description,” police wrote. “It should be considered an approximation of the suspect’s physical appearance, rather than an exact likeness.”

Police urge anybody with information to contact the department at 978-774-1212, or to submit an anonymous online tip.