, Salem, MA

February 26, 2013

Swampscott principal a finalist in both Marblehead and Peabody

By Alan Burke
Staff writer

---- — PEABODY — Superintendent Joe Mastrocola will choose from among three finalists for the job as principal of Peabody High School tonight — and at least one of them has a fallback position.

Swampscott High School Principal Layne Millington is also a candidate for principal of Marblehead High School.

“I know he’s a finalist in Peabody, and I know he’s a finalist in Marblehead,” Swampscott Superintendent Lynne Celli said. “And I’m fine with him remaining principal here. ... I’ve already given him good recommendations.”

Swampscott School Committee member Rick Kraft reports that his board had discussed making Millington the superintendent there, as Celli is reducing her workload.

“That motion was withdrawn,” he said.

Millington remains popular in that town, however.

“My sense is everyone feels he’s doing a lot of good things,” Kraft said.

Also under consideration for the Peabody job are the school’s current assistant principal, Eric Buckley, a 22-year veteran of the Peabody schools, and John Dillon, an assistant principal at Minuteman High School in Lexington, a technical school.

Millington has been principal of Swampscott High since July 2010, replacing former Principal Brian Salzer.

Millington could not be reached for comment yesterday.