, Salem, MA

October 23, 2007

Your thoughts or well-wishes for the Red Sox

Messages from the fans

Great job guys. My husband is the real baseball fan butI was up late for all those games. Please sign M. Lowell and please please don't even think about A Rod. I think we have a really good team that works together and no one wanting to be a prima donna. A Rod would just ruin the dugout. Mary

Ortiz is a great hitter, but I would still take the Splendid Splinter, Ted Williams. Who was better; Ted, or Babe Ruth??? Those were the two greatest. You old timers will take Ted. Ed Schlaich

we are part of the red sox nation here in naples,fl.thank you all for showing us once again the fun of baseball,esp.john henry. richard and carolyn

Congratulation Red Sox!!! What a great year!! Great Job and A Great Team!! Steve and Donna Sciuto

Jason V. you don't get half the credit you deserve. You are the heart and soul of the team. Great job to the Boston Red Sox and 33!!!! Michelle

WE LOVE OUR RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!! Kristen McGovern

Congrats on buying yet another title in a sport that allows you to buy titles. $150 mil beats $50 mil. Yipee!!! Richard Wall

Me and my Baby brother love the red sox. But I'm the die-hard red sox fan. Good Job on sweeping the Rockies and won the world series. My baby brother who is 2 yrs old keep on saying Red Sox win with clear voice because I understood him well. I will see my fiancee which he will be soon be my husband all the way from Cambodia in Cambodia probably February 2008. Go thing its not on my birthday its on January first on New Years day which I'll be 21 and on Feb first its my fiancee birthday he will be 27 yrs old. Gr8 Job you guys on winning the world series. I watched you guys played on tv but my other little brother told me to change the channel to cartoon channel which he only 8 yrs old and in third grade I have a younger sister too only 16 yrs old and I'm the oldst in the Family only 20 yrs old. But me and my baby brother are red sox fans in the family. MegeraT

Way to go Red Sox! You guys personify the meaning of being a team! Thank you and Congratulations. darlene


you con not trade Mike lowell because he is the best I go to school in the gaven middle school Wakefield Mass and this was my computer homework but i agree with my teacher p.s I love you REDSOX!!!!! YOUCAN NOT TRADE MIKE LOWELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! natalie

Congratulations! You earned every bit of it. I thoroughly enjoyed all the games. You make my life, interesting, stimulating and fun, fun, fun. God Bless You all. Rosemarie Serino

We have been watching you the whole play off season and lost some sleep, but has certainly been worth it. We wish you the very best from Florida. Ken Noel

Great job! You really are the BEST. Carol

This takes care of all the pain,all those years this team would drive us crazy.Emile Slaughter, Bob Gibson,Bucky Dent,Mooky Wilson,Aaron Boone and the immotal BABE RUTH is a distant memory. MarkD

Great time to be a member of Red Sox Nation!!!!! Ollie

There will never be a baseball team with more heart and guts than the Red Sox. They never gave up, always fought back, and they are by far the best team in baseball history! Sally Puleo

You guys were so awesome! It's great to be a Red Soxs fan! Enjoy your well deserved time off. Donna

To John, Larry, Tom, Theo, Terry and all others in leadership positions, Thanks for creating an organization that obviously places team and camaraderie high in the mission of our championship organization. Their success in '04 and '07 is a tribute to your leadership and the player's unbelievable talent. Combined, the synergy cannot be matched. Thanks from a lifelong fan that remembers the earlier years before you took over. Jim M./Rancho Cucamonga, CA

to the best team in the american league.i am so proud of you and my home is the best place to is salem where i am from. barbara

Red Sox, thanks for a whale of a playoff run. It's time to spout off to all the Yankee fans! Moe Beadik

Growing up in a small Massachusetts town. We played baseball, girls and boys in our hometown streets. We were all Red Sox players on the mound and looking back they were our heroes then. Thank you Red Sox Team. Fran Loszynski

Thank you for an exciting year! Our pre-schoolers learned a great deal about "never giving up" and working hard to reach their goals.We are all SOX fans here in Methuen and at the Comprehensive Grammar School! Thank you. Fran Twomey/Marianne Fischer

Go Sox. No A-ROD!!!!!! Edward Schlaich

I just moved out of my hometown, Bean Town to Florida. My heart will always be in Bean Town, and I am so proud of my home team. Go Red Sox!!!! Sarasota

Congrats on winning in 2007. I am a Yankees fan but, i must say that the red sox deserved it. Congrats again. Diana Fucault

Congrats 2007 Red Sox!!! I'm a huge fan. I recently moved to Arizona with my husband and daughters. I moved on July 16th and watched you on my computer every day until you made it to the playoffs. But the last month I was able to watch you on TV. Thanks for a great season!! You guys are awesome!! Have a great winter and enjoy your time off!! Lori Carlberg

Thank you for the second World Series Title in our LIFETIME!! Christine L.

Go RED SOX go Amna Haq

God Bless each and every one of are such a delight to watch each year. You all always put your heart and soul into every game and deserve to be World Champs! Thank you for all you do for charities as well. I love you all and will miss you until next season... See ya next year :-) Joy Mason

Just 2 large companies competing against each other. Like cheering for Kmart vs Target. Robert Clarkson

Thanks for the birthday present!Robin

congratulations on a great season!! we are proud of you. lanie

The Sox are wicked awesome! I love you guys! Pete Gray


Thanks for a wonderful season. We never miss a game. Will see you at City of Palms. YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Keep on dancing Jonathon!!!! Jim & Shirley, Ossipee,NH & Naples,Fl

Thanks for a great Birthday gift. Wilson G.

Thanks for an exciting season. PLEASE Do not let A. Rod join the team. He is not what we want in the Red Sox clubhouse. P.Werner, Dracut

Congrats Red Sox, see you next year. Mike Santos

We are as high as a kite with joy over the Sox win! It was truely an electric playoff run. Thanks to key contributors Lowell, Ellsbury, Papelbon and Drew. There is GREATNESS in all of you! Ben, Frank, Lynn

Thanks again BoSox for the memories!!! Dads looking down from the heavens smiling too!! Go SOX!!! Dinger in Charleston, SC

Thanks, Guys! You made me SO PROUD to be a Sox fan this year! I am surrounded by Yankee fans in my hometown of Bridgeport I've heard a lot of crap in my lifetime. I'm not one to give it back, but it's nice to know I have reason to. Saw someone in a store with a "Joba Rules" shirt on Saturday. I almost told him "Not sure what he rules, but he's sleeping in today and Papelbon is getting ready to pitch in the WORLD SERIES!" But I didn't. Anyway, you guys RULED since April and there was no doubt in my mind that you would win it all this season. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT SEASON. A TEAM with a lot of heart and a lot of talent!!!! (Young and Old!) You did New England Proud and we love you for it!!!! From Ellsbury and Lester to Schilling Big Papi, and everyone in between, LOVE YOU GUYS! Sheryl Rosen

As a transplant form Gloucester,Mass to Lovelock, Nevada,I want to say thanks for a great season with a great ending. Ralph Conrad

Although we now live in Florida, we've remained true and loyal fans. We cannot be happier for your continued success. Your team spirit and enthusiasm are an inspiration. Thank you for a GREAT SEASON. Congratulations to each and everyone of you. The Keegan Family

"I Love that dirty water." shark tooth tiger

Congrats red sox,i knew we always believe in you!!! good luck from your fans. Eduino and Maria Pacheco Flores Açores pacheco

Can't wait for spring training!!! Congratulations. From Beverly to Venice but still fans. Joe & Marlene

Congrats Sox, You closed the book on The Rockies! A win of epic proportions! Warren Peece

I knew you guys would do it again!! You make us proud to be Boston fans! GO SOX! Ashley

Thank you to all my Dominican in Lawrence and to all the fans for believing. David Ortiz

I knew from the FIRST game we would sweeeeppp them away. Leydi

hi to my family and friends in Gloucester i love and miss you all Congratulations to the red sox and the nation! seth, jessica, cam, Colorado Springs, co

Thank you Red Sox--every one of've given us a season of winning times and a grand finale fit for the champions you all are.....c'ya next year!!! Judy from Groveland

Who says that the Sox aren't the greatest. Now the Patriots take the Super Bowl. Get the Celtics and Bruins going and we'll be history makers forever. Herant Boghosian

go sox ,rock the rockies! lily linda

still a winner & red sox fan, your loss stud muffin!dont drown yourself in sorrow,while i celebrate. lil' linda

Red Sox we always BELIEVE in you! You're the best. This is from your#1FAN Denise

I'm so proud to be a Red Sox fan. Always have been. Good luck tonight.see you at home tomorrow!!!!! janice

I am so confident that the Red sox will make it again Erica Marines

You guys ROCK! We are so proud!!!!!!!!!! Liz, Jay , Damon and Peyton

I knew you'd take this series big time! Go Sox! You are awesome! Dancingwitch of Ipswich

St.Croix US Virgin Islands sends its best luck to the RED SOX!! When you are havin' fun your havin' Rum!!! Cruzan that is!!! Hello freinds, see you here soon for the wedding!!!!! Michael Baldwin and Anna Shook

best luck to you all and thanks for a great season. Peggy Palmer

I'm living in Oklahoma and surrounded by Rockies fans. My deepest thanks for helping me quiet them down after the first two games. Here's to finishing it up and giving me bragging rights for a year! Jack Lombardo

Thanks for another great year! Best of luck, I know you can do it. Sending positive thoughts your way! M Elaine Brown

Go Sox! Lets win another trophy! You guys have worked hard all year and deserve it! Katelyn

Youkillis in right field for Drew. Ortiz at first base while in Colorado. Youk has played right field before. Phil Celeste

Still a die hard fan living in Apalahicola Fl. wearing my Boston Red Sox shirt. Yall Go. Bev Hewitt

The Red Sox are professionals,playing a professional game. How could they not win the World Series? They are playing their hearts out!They'll take it in six.Go Sox.Win this for my Mom who is watching from above. Janice,Beverly native, now of Stacyville, Maine

Good first two games keep up the wins good luck in colorado we'll be watching. cruz family

My hopes and prayers go to the Red Sox as they go for another big win in 2007. "Let's go Red Sox"!!! Timothy John McCarthy

Rest up Schilling they saved the best for last. We need you for the last winning game. Fran in Gloucester

i watch the red sox every time thay are on t v im in texas but istill love the old team from back home im hopen thay win saturday and sunday and come out a winner . orrin janvrin lubbock texas

Go Sox don't stop till the rocks break! Celia Cole

The Sox will ascend the Rockies !! Jozilla Guerrilla JoJo Johns

I am a die hard Red Sox fan. Need I say more? Go Red Sox! Pearl

Go Sox! Red Sox nation is behind you! Luke

Former Connecticut residents currently living in West Virginia. Nuf Ced! Go Red Sox! Wish we were there! Cindy, Scotty and Matt

There are a lot of us New Englanders out here in the New Mexico desert routing for our beloved SOX!!! GO SOX!!! Karon Avery

Go Sox win it for Julian Tavarez! Noah Zark

haverhill native now living in florida im still a die hard red sox fan. go red sox we love you and we know you can do it. you are the greatest team there is. show colorado what your made of. go sox. millie hatt

All the way from Janesville Wisconsin.....GO REDSOX!!!! You Guys Can Do It!!!! Lets Go Redsox Lets Go!!!! Cowboy Up!!! Good Luck BoSox Lisa from Janesville, WI

i know that my red sox players will do the best to win the series.. GO SOX... lawrence ,mass, love u all Jacqueline Davila

We may not live in Mass.anymore but we are with you all the way!! Lets bring the World Series championship back to Boston again. GO SOX !! Betsy & George

Go Red Sox!!!! Mary, Aaron & Mikayla

I know that my Red Sox players play the game because they love baseball and are fierce competitors, and we as fans appreciate all of their efforts by cheering and being faithful no matter what... GO SOX!!! Curtis Braxton

Sox in seven. richard doyle


Let's Go ALL THE WAY! Your newest fans from Salem Michael, Nicolas & Dante Roper ~ Ages 8, 6 & 4

I don't know much about baseball, but I hope the New England Red Sox win the whole Super Series. Joe Turco


"UnBELIEVable" night last night!! We have the faith in you, we believe!! Go get em.....You make us "Proud"!!! SUE

This is a little song I wrote about the Red Sox. David Hits, Manny's Cool, Coco Crisp is no fool, Jason Varitek is the best, Dice-K forget the rest, Enough said. Jacob F. , age 9

I am big fan of Redsox . Red sox is going to Win the World series 2007. I pray the God .Definetly they Win all the remaining Games .Best of Luck Guys!! Mahesh Mattempati

Go Red Sox's !!!!!! Keep up the great work. Let's make it happen again. Kimberly Sadezwicz

Fantastic first game,Came out strong with a home run and kept up the pressure.Looking forward to the rest of the series.Everyone worked together.What a great Team. Jennie

Lets go red sox!! is far we are, make us proud again,we never forget this team. good luck from your fans from Flores Açores Portugal. Eduino Maria Pacheco

GO RED SOX!! Let's do this. Beat those Rockies and win the series. Erica and Kylee

Nothing like the Red Sox. We are so proud of you! Tito and his boys rock! Keep up the good work. Our good luck shrine worked! Yahoo.. Robin Sullivan

I have been watching base ball since I was a little girl with my grandpa. I am missing him this season watching his team without him. GO BoSox!! Screw the Yankees! And Josh, Your freakin Hot!! Emily Banks

Let's do this like its 2004 all over again!!! Catie Vencis

Hope you guys win Thank you guys the whole team fore a great season and so far great post season Happy SOxtober. Jesse Aguiar

Go for it Red Sox's!! You can do it!! Do it for the great Ted Williams. Former Gloucester born resident and GHS class of 1953..... Ralph A Woodbury

WE'll be cheering you on to another World Series victory. GO SOX !!!!!!!! Frank,Paulene&John; of ST.Pete,FL.

Go Red Sox! Have been a loyal fan of yours since I left Mass. and came to Ct. You are the greatest team !Good luck! You all deserve to win the Series in 2007! Barbara L.

To anonymous and maira how come the yankees are not in the world series. Because they are losers!!!! George with all his money cant buy a world series. TIMJR59

Let's Go Red Sox!! Make us proud again! Show that National League how it's done.I Love that Dirty Water playing. Red Sox Nation-South Key Largo, FL. Kevin C. Delaney

My Mom, Mildred Marcaurelle,a Salem/Danvers resident and avid Red Sox fan all of her life, passed away just last month. I will guarantee you that she is Heaven's most enthusiastic Red Sox fan and that she will be showering down good luck on her team. Dean Marcaurelle

red sox rock in north carolinaME IN THE SOUTH

Haverhill Native Now In Show Low Az,Lets Make It Two In My Lifetime. If Only My Kids Knew. Go Sox. Dan MaCleod

we believe in you all the way....your number one in are book........ all the boys from bangor maine

Go Red Sox Win Tonight Against The Colorado Rockies Bring Home The World Series Trophy. Mary B.

I wish the red sox good luck during the world series games. I am a big fan of theirs and my dad once was. He is cheering for them in heaven. Cathie Stickna

I wish the best 4 u all this year here we go red sox...i know u will win the world u all Jacqueline

I hope they lose and i would love to go into that restaurant wearing my New York Yankee attire. Anonymous

Even Though I am miles away from MA where i grew up. I am still a die hard Boston fan. Let's go RED SOX. WE BELIEVE. I'll be waiting to congratulate you during spring training. Besos para el duo dinamico # 24 & # 34. Denisse from Fort Myers, Florida


Good luck Red Sox! You're the BEST! Always have been and always will be!!! G...

Go Red Sox. as loyal fans we know you can do it again! We will be watching and cheering you on. Adam and Grammy from Methuen

Hampton, New Hampshire BELIEVES!! GO RED SOX!! Diandra, Jay, Ashley & Jake


I have been a strong fan and supporter of the Red Sox for more than 70 years. Up or down, I still support them and feel very strongly that they can and will win the World Series. As an added note, my wife was born in Denver, CO. so you can see it will be a roaring time in our home. Don Labbe

Let's do it again Red Sox World Series Here We Come. Tony and Brenda

Go Red Sox - we love you and know that we will celebrating for weeks, months and years to come ! Rebecca

Go Rockies Go Rockies

Eliot Maine BELIEVES!! GO RED SOX!! Anne

Kittery Maine believes!! GO RED SOX!! Paul

Proud to be Puertorican Red Sox Fan, go Red Sox You can do it. Best Wishes. Bonny from Haverhill, MA

Greetings G-townners from the Red Sox Nation West. When my son used to tryout for Little League pre 2004, the kids would say, "Why do you wanna be the Red Sox?" [when he wore his Sox shirt.] Now they're all wearing the Red Sox colors. John B. Love Family

Go Red Sox!! Keep your mind in game and play as a team and you will win the World Series AGAIN!!!! GOOOOOO RED SOX!!! jodie

Cowboy up! Laurie

good luck red sox we know you can do it, your an awesome team! lawrence will be cheering for for! dario & danielle

Red Sox fan from Haverhill MA. Living in Jacksonville NC. GO SOX!! Red Sox Nation Stands Proud!!! :D Erin Soto

I now live in Oklahoma but I've been a Sox fan for over sixty years. When they won the pennant and world series in '94 I was delighted. Now there's a chance I'll witness yet another world series championship in my lifetime. One couldn't ask for more. Thanks Sox. Get them Rockies!!! Richard Brown

Best of luck Sox! We will be watching from sunny AZ! Brian & Bea

Go Red Sox..Our hearts are with you from South Central Kentucky just like when we lived in Rowley. We love you. Frank & Mary Darling

Go Red Sox -- Have fun Hurst/Ammann Family

Good luck red sox I used to live in Mathuen nao im in Acores Portugal Maria Pacheco

Grew up a Red Sox fan, now live in Colorado. I will be happy regardless of which team wins, but happier if it is the Rockies. Art

I am a devoted fan from Haverhill, MA now living in Clinton, NC. GO SOX! Its exciting watching a good team, go get the Rockies! Show no mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tanya Alestock

Boston the best team ws champs in 5. Yankees will be watching in HD. Ja Ja Ismael Jimenez

Go TEAM Go ! C-J

Hey red sox team..Im wishing you guys good luck....I hope all goes great....Love you guys.... Lady aka red sox number 1 fan

Go you Red Sox ! I remember `46 doug macrae

don't forget your long johns. marty

Best Of Luck & Go Get 'em '07 Red Sox Are The Best !!! Peter D. Frontiero

redsoxs you maid it this far you win this coll is not good they think thay are you beet ny ny 2007 is the year. taz-redsoxs

Manny, Youkilis, and David, keep doing what your doing, we are rooting for you guys back here in Gloucester. Angel

you are awsome go get um i no you can do it you'll make it to the world series ally

Go Sox! From a Salemite transplanted to Iowa. Deb

Good Luck RED SOX! Timmy Marrone make us proud! Let's show the world that 04' wasn't just a once-in-86-years phenonmenon and that we're back for more! alaskanjody

Maira, Red Sox and boston fans are awesome.You sound like a Yankee fair weather fan. Joe is lucky he is away from George. Go sox go. Gilda Moroney

We are a couple of dogs who are huge red sox fans. Our Moms yell alot at the games, but it's ok cuz we love our sox. Boo Boo and Chop

We used to live in MA.but now we live in Las Vegas,proud to be a Red Sox fan..Good luck Linda Powers

Win or lose, they're still a bunch of chumps in my mind. I truly hope that a small-market, well-rounded team mops the floor of Manny, Ortiz, Beckett et al. Jay

It has been fun watching the SOX take out the Indians when i am living in Ohio. Josh Beckett was even more impressive in person on thursday as i watched the crowd's energy disappear and fans start to leave in the 8th inning. 4 more wins to our destiny and i can shut up my co workers about how the Indians should of won! GO SOX Rob Daigle

Even in Fairfax, Virginia, the Faithful know you'll come through, and with another Series win, our kids will have to find something else to complain about! Go Sawx!!!! Dennis

Way to go RED SOX!! I still believe, best wishes for the whole team Marie

Great Going Guys, You're the best! Continued good playing days ahead and wee're proud of you all! You deserve another world championship! Joni

Go Red Sox, I know you can win the World Series, because you all are a great team. Gail

Hey Maira...If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!! Why did you write something, it says "Message from the Fans"..DERRR Chris

You guys will give us another trophy this year!!! Good luck and crush the rocks!!! Chris Fraser

I knew when the Indians were 3-1 we had them right where we wanted them. Fritz

I wish the Red Sox so much luck. They are the best ever, and bring emotions out in me. They are exciting and I love them as a team. Donna

Maira stinks!!! GO SOX Gena

We are devoted fans from Peabody, MA, now living in Florida. Many fans here are wishing the SOX a sweep of the Rockies. "Git 'er Done"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loretta Skwara

A Lawrence, MA transplant living in Lexington, Kentucky. GO RED SOX!!!!!!! Daniel Peloquin

As a former MA resident, the Red Sox will always be #1 in my heart. I wish you the very best of luck. GO SOX!Dolly in Florida

You guys are the best win or lose! Stella

We always knew you could do it! Even though we sometimes doubt you; we could never live without you! We love you! Tiffany and Jason Machado

I never gave up, i know you can do it. I'm proud to be your fan. Good luck! A big Red Sox fan

Go Red Sox!!!!! Laura W.

Go Red Sox you guys deserve it,you worked for it. Nellie

Iused to live in New England and now I live in Florida.Could not be more proud to be a Red Sox Fan,hope you go all the way. Best of Luck to All. Jennie

congratulations, Red Sox. Youre so much better than Cleveland. Bye, Bye Tribe. patriots fan#1

I'm fervently hoping for another Red Sox Win, not only for regional pride, but because it would make my husband estactic, and maybe shut those ridiculous Yankee fans up. Sarah

Hope you lose losers!!!! Never liked you, never will!!!! Yankees forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maira

We both know that you can do this!!!! WE DO BELIEVE!! Go SOX!!!!
Dawn and Tessie

hey Red Sox...may your bats be swift and true, your eyes be sharp and clear and beat the dickens out of the Rockies!
Dave Huckins

go red sox, we're behind you all the way!!! 2007 world series champions to be!! Lily & Jorge