, Salem, MA

March 2, 2012

Le Grand David magic show 'taking a pause'

By Paul Leighton
Staff writer

BEVERLY — Le Grand David and His Own Spectacular Magic Company is taking a "hiatus" from its long-running magic show but hopes to be back onstage in April, said David Bull, the company's president.

Bull, who has played Le Grand David since the show's debut in 1977 at the Cabot Street Cinema, said the company is taking a break due to the health of its founder, Cesareo Pelaez.

Pelaez, 79, played the role of Marco the Magi until he suffered a stroke in 2005. He is still involved in the production and appears onstage at the end of every show.

Bull said Pelaez became worn down by all of the buildup to the show's 35th anniversary on Feb. 18.

"It's been a very intense time with the whole anniversary, and Cesareo was hurrying two books into production," Bull said. "We're just taking a pause to savor the moment. Hopefully, we can be back on stage by April 15."

The company did not make any public announcement of the break, causing confusion among some theatergoers. Last Sunday's show at the Cabot Street Cinema was not held. Shows scheduled for March 3, March 18, March 25 and April 1 at the Cabot Street Cinema have been postponed, as well as the March 22 "An Anthology of Stage Magic" show at the Larcom Theatre on Wallis Street.

Bull said the postponements will be announced in the Cabot Street Cinema Theatre newspaper that comes out next week.

Movies will continue to be shown every night at the Cabot Street Cinema, Bull said.