, Salem, MA

October 30, 2013


The Salem News

---- — Peabody


Police were unable to locate a possible prowler who was reported to be in the area of 11 Baldwin St. at 2:04 a.m.

A 95-year-old woman on Wallis Street was transported to Salem Hospital after an 8:36 a.m. report that she was having difficulty walking.

An anonymous caller had left a message “alleging neglect of chickens” on Harrison Avenue, according to a 9:34 a.m. log item.

An 11:47 a.m. report of shoplifting at JC Penney at Northshore Mall resulted in the arrest of Sheila A. Greeke-Danjou, 53, of 47 Lepage Lane, Gloucester, on a charge of shoplifting by concealing merchandise, second offense.

Police conducted a traffic stop on Washington Street at 2:05 p.m. and subsequently arrested Ana Dealmeida, 35, of 23 Sherman St., Peabody, on charges of unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and failure to display owner’s name. She was also wanted on a warrant, according to the log.

An Endicott Street woman left a voicemail for the animal control officer alleging that her husband had caused her dog’s death, according to a 2:13 p.m. log item.

A Lowell Street woman reported at 7:17 p.m. that her ex-husband “just came to her home, forced the door, pushed her and assaulted a friend of hers,” according to the log. Subsequently arrested on a charge of domestic assault and battery was Edmund A. Leblanc, 58, of 29 Mohawk Lane, Danvers.

An officer was unable to locate the youths who were reported to be smoking marijuana on the swings at the park at Loris and Northfield roads at 9:30 p.m.


Police responded to Ellsworth Road and King Street after a 10:27 a.m. report that two toddlers had been found walking by themselves. The children were returned to their residence, along with a loose dog. An officer planned to notify the Department of Children and Families about the incident.



Police were unable to locate a white man with a scruffy beard who was reported to be “crying and visibly upset” on Andrew Road at 2:14 p.m.

A Blodgett Avenue woman reported at 4:45 p.m. that a man had contacted her and tried to “extort her for money by saying he had kidnapped and harmed her brother.” An officer wrote: “The brother was contacted and is fine.”


A 2-year-old boy was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital after he survived a fall from a second-floor window on Eureka Road shortly before 8 p.m. A firefighter said the boy had pushed against a screen and fallen out, but when his mother found him outside, he was already standing on his own. The hospitalization appeared to be precautionary. No further information was available.


A Kensington Lane woman reported at 10:35 p.m. that her dog was barking, and she believed “someone may be prowling in the area,” but police were unable to locate anything suspicious.



Police received a 1:26 a.m. report that a drunken man was stumbling around near Rantoul Street and Railroad Avenue. Police wrote later: “Taxi picked up party and transported him home to Nahant.”

Police conducted a traffic stop at Colon Street and Story Avenue after a 7:12 p.m. report of an erratic operator from police in Hamilton. An officer wrote later: “Tired operator. Wife to drive.”


Police received a 5:54 p.m. report that a GPS device had been stolen from a vehicle at 25 Porter St.

An 8:49 p.m. report of a fight in a hallway brought police to 251 Rantoul St., where they determined two neighbors were “arguing over noise.” An officer wrote: “Advised to contact landlord and keep quiet.”



Police received a 9:31 p.m. report of three unattended children at the Motel 6 on Newbury Street.


A 3:17 p.m. report that a male had stolen shoes brought police to Kohl’s on Independence Way. Subsequently arrested were Matthew Pendola, 25, of 29 Vista Drive, Danvers, and Kristen Hosman, 30, of 45 Roundy St., Beverly, each on a charge of shoplifting by asportation.

A 5:08 p.m. report of shoplifting at Wal-Mart on Brooksby Village Drive resulted in the arrest of Edwin Mahoney, 49, of 25 Beachland Ave., Revere, on a charge of shoplifting by asportation.


Police received an 11:43 a.m. report of shoplifting at Market Basket on Endicott Street and subsequently arrested Floranne Dailey, 62, of 91 Hale St., Beverly, on a charge of shoplifting by asportation.

A state trooper was flagged down by a motorist on Route 95 southbound about 8:30 p.m. The man said he’d sustained a head injury earlier in the day. The man’s son then transported him to Beverly Hospital.



A 2:15 p.m. report of an accident involving a bicyclist brought police to 164 Bridge St. The bicyclist — identified as a Calvin Carozzi — was transported to Salem Hospital with shoulder and facial injuries. The operator of the vehicle, Annette Perez, was cited for failing to use care in starting or backing, according to the log.

Police responded to Essex and Washington streets about 5:30 p.m. after a complaint regarding somebody with a megaphone and advised a man there to “turn the volume down.” Police spoke with the man again after a 6:35 p.m. report of “loud preaching” brought them to 133 Essex St. An officer advised him that “he and whomever he is with need to keep the volume down on the megaphone,” wrote police. The man said he would stop using it for the night.

Police were dispatched to Derby and Liberty streets after a 6:55 p.m. report of a loud megaphone, but an officer “did not observe anyone using a megaphone or talking loudly” upon arrival.

A Cedar Avenue man reported at 8:14 p.m. that a neighbor he knew only as “Penny” had knocked on his door and began screaming, “The Germans are plotting against us ... all of us!” when he answered. Police were unable to locate the woman.

An 8:33 p.m. report of a “loud person with a megaphone” brought police to Essex and Washington streets, where they advised a man — not the same one who was involved in earlier incidents — to turn the volume down.


Police responded to a 2:54 p.m. report that a patient who had been discharged from Salem Hospital was “acting up.” Subsequently arrested was Nicholas Owen Meserve, 20, homeless, on charges of trespassing and disorderly conduct.