, Salem, MA

April 2, 2013

Board delays vote on recycling policy

By Bethany Bray

---- — SALEM — City councilors have delayed a decision on a citywide mandatory recycling policy until next week.

The board received a copy of the proposed policy the day of its March 28 meeting and said they needed more time to look it over. The policy, meant to save the city money on trash disposal, would have an extensive “grace period” but would ultimately charge a $25 fine to residents who repeatedly do not put recycling on the curb.

Councilors voted last week to delay a vote on the policy until their April 11 meeting.

If adopted, the policy would qualify the city for a $50,000 state grant. The funding would be used to create a position of “recycling coordinator,” who would encourage and educate residents to recycle.

The idea is supported by Mayor Kim Driscoll and the city’s recycling committee.

If a resident does not put recycling out to the curb on trash pickup day, the recycling coordinator would leave door hangers, call the household and send letters explaining the city’s policy. The $25 fine would be issued only if a resident failed to put out recycling for seven weeks, despite the coordinator’s letters and calls.