, Salem, MA

December 19, 2012

Leanne Schild’s contest essay

The Salem News

SALEM — Below is the essay Leanne Schild submitted for consideration in the Visit Salzburg tourism office's recent online contest.

As the ultimate Sound of Music fan, how would you spend a week in Salzburg?

Day 1) Do — I would “do” the old town area and cross the Mozart footbridge singing and skipping with the von Trapp kids.

Day 2) Re — I would “re-”ally enjoy seeing the Abbey and hearing them sing. Would Maria introduce me to the Mother Superior?

Day 3) Mi — this trip would be all about “me”! Maybe visit a fantastic spa near town? Perhaps the Baroness knows of one?

Day 4) Fa — I don’t think it’s that “fa-r” to travel to Mondsee to see the church they were married in — I hear it’s beautiful. I’d ask Liesl to show me as she was maid of honor.

Day 5) So — The mountains are “so” beautiful! Maybe a long day hike up the Untersberg for some amazing views with Max?

Day 6) La — “La”-ter on at night, a show to see the Salzburg Marionettes would be fantastic with Gretl.

Day 7) Ti — I like “tea”, but a Salzburg coffee house with some yummy pastries sounds even better. Kurt seems like he could recommend a good pastry.

Day 8) Do — What, time to leave? Even though I “do-”n’t want to, I guess Salzburg will always be there to visit again.

Thanks for the tour von Trapps! You live in the most beautiful city in the world. It was fun singing and sightseeing with you in Salzburg. Until next time!