, Salem, MA

July 23, 2013

Police: Marblehead home burglarized while residents asleep

By Neil H. Dempsey
Staff Writer

---- — MARBLEHEAD — Police are urging residents to lock their ground-floor windows after a Thompson Road house was burglarized on Sunday night while its occupants were upstairs sleeping.

The suspect or suspects apparently accessed the house’s first floor via a rear bathroom window at some point during the night, then rifled through pocketbooks and stole a laptop computer, according to a statement on the department’s official Facebook account yesterday afternoon.

“The homeowners did not hear anything suspicious during the night, but did notice a side door open in the morning which had been locked the night before,” wrote police.

Officers canvassed the neighborhood but were unable to locate anything else amiss.

“The warmer weather months always see an increase in overnight criminal activity,” police wrote. “However, it is usually directed towards unoccupied cars, not houses with people sleeping inside. If you are up or out late at night or early in the morning, please, if you see or hear anything that you feel is out of place, contact 911 so that the activity can be investigated.”

Police wrote: “Barking dogs, motion sensor lights activating, sounds of footsteps, breaking glass, people walking in residential neighborhoods at odd hours, car or house alarms sounding, even cars on a quiet street that are not familiar to you could provide valuable clues to police investigators.

“As always, lock your doors and ground floor windows at bedtime and if you have an alarm system, please remember to activate it.”

Police are urging anybody who saw anything out of the ordinary on Thompson Road on Sunday night to contact them at 781-631-1212.