, Salem, MA

July 19, 2013


The Salem News

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The rear window of a Ford Excursion on Reed Street had been pried open and items stolen from inside, according to a 9:38 a.m. report.

A woman reported that a possibly drunk motorist had nearly rammed the side of her car at Atlantic Avenue and Hawkes Street, then almost ran over pedestrians she had stopped to allow cross the road. Police later determined it was a “miscommunication over who had right of way.”

Police received a 5:50 p.m. report that kids were jumping into the water from a shed on Redstone Lane. “All individuals were made aware of a no-trespass warning,” an officer wrote later.

A Commercial Street man reported at 7:13 p.m. that his downstairs neighbor was “throwing food into the street.” Police wrote later: “Food has been removed.”

Police responded to Front Street after an 8:24 p.m. report that three young men were in a vehicle with “police lights” in the grill, but they didn’t report finding anything suspicious.


A woman on Washington Street reported at 12:04 a.m. that she could “hear a group of people in the parking lot of Crosby’s and they are being very loud and sounds like they are playing a game.” An officer wrote later: “Parties will be clearing out.”

Police responded to a 2:27 a.m. report that kids were lighting fireworks on the beach near Ocean Avenue. Police wrote later: “Parties were told to move along. They are leaving the area.”



An employee of the Bonkers Funhouse on Lowell Street reported at 2:56 p.m. that female customers were causing a disturbance. An officer determined that they were “unhappy with service” and that the “matter has been resolved and parties have left.”

The Fire Department extinguished a brush fire in the area of 27 Downing Road, according to a 6:28 p.m. log item.

Police responded to a 6:51 p.m. report that two males in a vehicle were throwing water out the window at people on the sidewalk on Lowell Street. According to the log, an officer found the males, who “admitted to squirting water out the window at cars. They were advised of the dangers of distracting other drivers and sent....on their way.”

An officer was unable to locate an intoxicated man with no shirt on who was reported to be arguing with a woman near the monument in Peabody Square at 7 p.m.

A caller reported at 7:53 p.m. that a donkey was injured at Brooksby Farm on Felton Street, but an officer was unable to locate anything amiss. “No animals outside upon arrival,” wrote police. “Store is closed so no contact can be made at this time.”

A 10:25 p.m. report of an “unwanted husband” brought police to a Crowninshield Street address, but the man had already left.


At 6:29 a.m., officers at 176 Newbury St. assisted the U.S. Marshals in arresting Shane Hansen, 28, of the same address, on an outstanding warrant. It was unclear where the warrant originated from or what charge or charges it included. Peabody police declined to release any further information.

Police conducted a traffic stop on Washington Street at 1:49 p.m. and arrested Arao Dornela, 36, of 23 Mason St., Apt. 2, Peabody, on charges of operating with suspended license and failure to display owner’s name.



Police were unable to locate two drunk women who were reported to be throwing traffic cones in the road near 210 Hale St. at 9:13 p.m., but an officer did find the cones and moved them out of the roadway.



A Cherry Street caller reported a “threatening letter on door” at 11:30 a.m.

A person was transported to Salem Hospital after a 5:55 p.m. report that they had “a fish hook or other equipment impaled in ankle” at the end of the pier at Fisherman’s Beach.

Police were unable to locate a group of skateboarders who were reported to be “in roadway causing a hazard to themselves and motorists” near 300 Puritan Road at 8:41 p.m.



Police responded to a 7:21 p.m. report that a boat and trailer had been left on the street in front of a residence on Mooney Avenue the night before and determined that both their registrations had been removed and the boat was without an engine or outdrive. “I then checked the location where a boat’s registration would be and was able to see the outline of where the boat’s registration numbers had been prior to being removed,” wrote an officer. That number revealed that both the boat and trailer had been stolen out of Gilford, N.H. The boat was transported to the Salem police station and police in Gilford were notified that it had been recovered.

Officers were unable to locate a group of “young-looking kids” who had attempted to purchase alcohol at a store at 95 Congress St. and “became upset and started to yell” when the clerk asked for identification, according to a 7:38 p.m. log item.

Police responded to Derby Wharf after a 7:55 p.m. report that kids were throwing rocks at boats and spoke to two males who “stated they were just throwing rocks in the water and not aiming at boats.” Police wrote: “Both stated that they would stop throwing rocks and leave the area.”

An 8:22 p.m. report of a fight in the parking lot of the Market Basket on Highland Avenue led to the arrest of Lee Ernesto Gonzalez, 27, of 60 Dow St., Salem, on a charge of shoplifting over $100.

Officers responded to a 10:08 p.m. report of a loud party at 11 Roslyn St. and spoke to man who said he had three friends over to “pre-game” before going out to celebrate his birthday. The officers advised him “that he should end it for the night, to which he related that they were just getting ready to leave for the night.”

A 10:21 p.m. report of an argument in the street brought police to Washington and Pond streets, where they found two women arguing in a vehicle over why one of them “did not buy a dog kennel” for the other.

An officer was unable to locate anything suspicious after a 10:52 p.m. report of a “loud bang” in the area of Butler Street.


Police received a 1:02 p.m. report that 11 solar-powered lawn lights had been stolen “anytime in the last couple of weeks” from the property of 6 Parlee St. An officer told the woman who reported the theft that the lights might have been recovered at Witchcraft Heights school, and the woman agreed to come view the items at the station next week.

A 2:04 p.m. report of a domestic dispute on Beaver Street resulted in the arrest of Jean Lorraine Amirault, 51, of 6 Beaver St., Salem, on a charge of domestic assault and battery.

An officer determined that nothing was wrong with a woman who was reported to be “talking to the sky” at Essex and Washington streets at 2:58 p.m.



A GPS device and tools were reported to have been stolen from a vehicle at the Motel 6 at 8:06 a.m.

Police received a 3:55 p.m. report that a male had punched another male at 5 Dyer Court.



An unidentified woman was transported to Beverly Hospital after a single-car accident near the Beverly line on Hale Street about 11:20 a.m. An officer said the woman’s dog had tried to jump out the window and she accidentally steered the car into an embankment and a tree when she went to grab it. The woman was only hospitalized as a precaution and the dog was uninjured, he said.