, Salem, MA

July 24, 2013

Police issue photo of attack suspects


---- — SWAMPSCOTT — Police are looking to identify two people who face assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and threat charges following an attack in May on a cashier over the purchase of blunt cigars at the 7-Eleven on Humphrey Street.

During the incident, police say a woman assaulted and threatened to kill a cashier after she refused to sell the customer a package of blunts out of concern that she was buying the cigars for minors, police said.

The incident started at 10:41 p.m. on May 11 when a Hispanic-looking woman walked into the convenience store at 444 Humphrey St. looking to buy the blunt-style cigars, a statement from Detective Rose Cheever said.

The cashier told police it appeared the woman was “high or something,” and she refused to sell the woman the cigars because she believed they were for minors in a vehicle outside.

The woman became upset and blurted out an expletive at the cashier.

“The female then stated to the cashier ‘I’m gonna get you when you leave’ and ‘I’m gonna kill you when you close the store’ and then she left,” the statement from police said.

The woman later came back with a Hispanic-looking man, whose complexion was darker than the woman’s, police said. He also became angry and yelled at and threatened to kill the cashier, the victim told police.

Surveillance pictures police released yesterday show an unknown woman with brown hair, wearing a “Hollister” T-shirt and striped leggings, and an unknown man, wearing a black baseball cap, wristwatch with a black strap, jeans and a black T-shirt, gesturing at the clerk. He also wore a chin beard at the time.

During the incident, police said the woman leaned over the counter and put her wallet to the cashier’s nose before swinging it and striking the cashier slightly. The woman then leaned over the counter again and punched the cashier on the side of her head and face.

When the cashier attempted to call 911, the man told her not to call police and stayed in the store for a few minutes trying to intimidate her from calling for help. When the couple finally left the store, the cashier called 911. The entire incident was captured on video surveillance.

Anyone with information on the two individuals is asked to call Swampscott Police at 781-595-1111.

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