, Salem, MA

July 30, 2013

See steam at Peabody Essex? Don't panic

The Salem News

---- — SALEM — Essex Street passers-by may hear and see a large plume of steam coming from one of Peabody Essex Museum’s buildings this week, but it’s all part of a maintenance check.

New low-pressure steam boilers at the museum’s Dodge building will be started up this week and venting steam from the roof. The procedure will be done at various times between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. over the course of this week.

The Dodge building runs between the main entrance of the museum and East India Marine Hall, facing Essex Street.

Museum contractors will be inspecting and testing all components of the new mechanical equipment to ensure it’s operating as expected. The steam venting will only be done this week, during testing.

“The sound and visual (steam) plume will be noticeable, but neither of these conditions will be uncomfortable for people at street level around the museum or in neighboring buildings,” the museum wrote in its July 26 construction update.

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— Bethany Bray