, Salem, MA

April 17, 2013

Brian Barrett: 'I'm very angry'

By Alan Burke
Staff writer

---- — PEABODY — “It hasn’t even sunk in yet,” said Peabody lawyer Brian Barrett, who found himself and his family caught up in the Boston Marathon tragedy.

Like a lot of people, he hasn’t yet sorted out his all his feelings, but there was one certainty.

“I’m very angry,” he said, at whoever placed those bombs. “To put innocent people in jeopardy like that.”

Barrett was some distance from the finish line when the bombs went off.

The race was over, but information was hard to come by, and he knew his wife and children were planning to meet him when he crossed the line.

He learned later that his family was on the sidewalk sandwiched between the two explosions.

“My 7-year-old (Amy) was at the finish line, and she had to witness that,” he said.

Nagging at him is the fact that it might have been much worse.

His wife had positioned herself to take Barrett’s photo as he crossed the line, staking out the precise spot later devastated by the explosion.

“But she moved off it,” he explained, seeking a better vantage point farther down the street.

By the time the second device exploded, his family was hurrying away from the scene, heading toward Storrow Drive. Barrett didn’t connect with them until he walked over the bridge into Cambridge.

The Barretts intend to send their photos of the event to police, who are seeking anything filmed in the vicinity of the blast in an attempt to find the bomber or bombers.

Until then, Barrett said, “It was a great day. The city was full of happy people.”