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April 17, 2013

Drew Marc-Aurele: 'Still pretty shaken up'

IPSWICH — Drew Marc-Aurele spent 90 nerve-wracking minutes waiting to hear from his 24-year-old son, Jeffrey, after Monday’s explosions at the Boston Marathon.

Jeffrey was four-tenths of a mile from the finish as the explosions occurred. Marc-Aurele was standing just on the other side of the finish line with his wife, sister and cousin, waiting for Jeffrey and several other relatives.

“It took us several hours to make sure everyone was located,” said Marc-Aurele, who owns Marcorelle’s liquor stores in Ipswich and Hamilton. “... Everybody in our crew was OK, just shaken.”

An hour and a half after the explosion, Jeffrey was able to use someone else’s cellphone to send a text message to his father, letting him know he was all right.

“The emotions from it all, (it’s) tough to absorb,” he said. “I’m having a hard time putting this whole thing in perspective. We’re all still pretty shaken up from it all. ... We’re just wiped out from the whole event. You feel like you’ve run a marathon (with) the emotions of making sure everyone’s OK.”

Yesterday, Marc-Aurele said he’s still unable to process what happened. They were about 50 yards away from the blast, he said.

“We saw a horrible situation afterwards, they were wheeling people by us (in wheelchairs), it wasn’t a pretty sight,” Marc-Aurele said. “It was really loud. Everybody seemed in shock, and then all a sudden there was another explosion (and) everyone started running. ... It was chaos for a while. The emergency people did a very nice job, under the circumstances, keeping calm and tending to the wounded.”

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