, Salem, MA

July 4, 2013


The Salem News

---- — Marblehead


A runner at Village and Vine streets refused medical transport after emergency personnel responded to a 7:57 a.m. report that he or she felt ill and dizzy.

Police received an 8:55 a.m. report that a truck at West Shore Drive and Park Lane had struck a tree branch, bringing it down onto a car, but an officer was unable to locate either vehicle.

A Cornell Road woman reported at 10:16 a.m. that she had returned home to find her front door glass “smashed.” Police subsequently determined it was accidental damage from a landscaper.

Police received a 10:46 a.m. report that a man had found a model airplane that had crashed near Allerton Place the day before “just as the weather was getting bad.”

Police and the Fire Department responded to a Foster Street address after a 1:25 p.m. report that a 16-year-old girl had gotten a cleaning chemical in her eye. The girl flushed her eye out and subsequently refused medical transport, according to the log.

Three people in a silver Jeep “with marijuana” on Atlantic Avenue were yelling, according to a 4:52 p.m. report. Police found the vehicle, but it was unoccupied.


Police responded to East Orchard Street after a 1:19 a.m. report that the dome light of a 2008 Toyota Sienna was on; an officer determined nothing had been taken from the vehicle.



A Berkshire Street caller reported at 11:28 a.m. that jewelry was missing.

Police received a 3 p.m. report that a vehicle had “made contact” with a man as he crossed the roadway at Burrill and Essex streets and didn’t stop afterward. No injuries were reported.

Police conducted a traffic stop on Burrill Street at 3:25 p.m. and arrested Marc Canney, 46, of 34 Rockaway St., Lynn, on charges of failure to stop or yield, operating with a suspended license and license not in possession.

An officer was unable to locate two teenagers who were reported to have set off fireworks in the middle of Humphrey Street at 10:37 p.m.


A 5:45 a.m. report of a possible drunken driver on Elmwood Road resulted in the arrest of Michael Faiella, 71, of 30 Portland St., Lynn, on a charge of drunken driving, third offense.



Police responded to an 8:37 p.m. report of a suspicious “man on canoe” at 55 Conant St., but they were unable to locate anything amiss in that area.

A 10:34 p.m. report of “prostitution/drugs” brought police to the Motel 6 on Newbury Street, but an officer later called it “unfounded.”


Police received a 1:24 a.m. report of a gunshot on Calumet Road but didn’t report finding anything suspicious after responding to that area.

Copper downspouts had been stolen from the post office on Conant Street, according to a 10:52 a.m. report.

Heroin had been found in a room at the Motel 6 on Newbury Street, according to an 11:59 a.m. report.

A truck had backed into a light pole at Plains Park, according to a 4:11 p.m. report. There were no injuries.



The DPW was contacted after a 4:16 p.m. report that cars were swerving around glass in the roadway at Essex and Cedar streets.

A swastika had been spray-painted on a tree at 15 Thoreau Circle, according to a 5:17 p.m. report.

After receiving a 5:21 p.m. report of domestic abuse at 6 Fossa Terrace, police arrested Dylan J. Pringle, 34, of 20 Hawthorne St., Salem, on a charge of domestic assault and battery.

Police were unable to locate a drunken person who was reported to be yelling at people near Porter and School streets at 7:41 p.m.

Police responded to an 8:31 p.m. report that a male was shooting a BB gun at cats near 204 Bridge St., but they were unable to locate him.

Somebody’s upstairs neighbor at 204 Bridge St. was shooting a BB-type gun out of the window, according to a 9:12 p.m. report.

An 11:31 p.m. report that somebody was taking scrap metal brought police to 410 Essex St., where they determined the person was actually “dropping off an old gas grill.”


Police checked the area of Mulberry and Judson streets after a 1:22 a.m. report that people were looking through vehicles, but they were unable to locate anything suspicious. An officer wrote in the log that the reporting party had waited 20 minutes to alert police.

Police received a 2:24 p.m. report that a motorist had stolen a cat near 42 Hillcrest Ave. An officer was able to make contact with the woman involved. Police wrote: “She is animal lover and found the cat in the street. She returned it, and it is in the custody of animal control. The cat is thin and had mites in its ears.”

An intoxicated person was transported to Beverly Hospital after a 3:02 p.m. report that he or she had fallen down in the street — “again” — near 225 Cabot St.

Police gave a motorcyclist a verbal warning after receiving a 6:41 p.m. report that he or she was riding without a helmet at Courtney and Memorial drives.