, Salem, MA

August 30, 2013


The Salem News

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A man reported at 1:10 p.m. that a truck was parked in the middle of a path on Smith Street, forcing him to walk through poison ivy. Police wrote: “Said he knows it is poison ivy because he has caught it 20 times before. Said it’s the second day in a row that he has had to go through the ivy because of the truck in the path.”

Police received a 4:03 p.m. report that a car had gone through a crosswalk on Pleasant Street as a man was attempting to cross. “He said something to the pedestrian that he is a police officer and doesn’t have to stop for pedestrians,” wrote police.

Somebody reported seeing an outbound MBTA bus with “Emergency, please call police” flashing on the back at 6:18 p.m. “Unable to locate,” an officer wrote later. “T reports they are aware of it and was a malfunction, no problem on bus.”



Police conducted a traffic stop on Selwyn Road at 4:55 p.m. and subsequently arrested Ronald L. Berry, 46, of 60 Cliff Ave., Winthrop, on charges of operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license and having an unregistered motor vehicle.

An officer was unable to locate a suspicious male who was reported to be “walking down the street pushing an ATM machine” on Walnut Street at 6:06 p.m.

An officer was unable to locate a young male with short blond hair who was reported to have “pulled a knife” on a man’s nephew on Herrick Road at 6:36 p.m.

Police responded to an 8:39 p.m. report of a neighborhood dispute at 266 Newbury St. and determined people were arguing about “some weeds that had been picked earlier in the night.”


Police conducted a traffic stop at Lowell and Forest streets at 1:10 a.m. and subsequently arrested Michael A. Gange, 23, of 19 Princeton St., Peabody, on charges of drunken driving, failure to stop or yield and speeding.

Two people were protesting in front of the McDonald’s at 133 Main St. at 9:56 a.m., according to a log item.

A 10-year-old boy was transported to North Shore Children’s Hospital with minor injuries after a 9:58 a.m. report that he had been struck by a vehicle at Main and Washington streets.



A 92-year-old on Burrill Street was hospitalized after an 8:21 a.m. report that he or she was suffering from severe back pain.

Police were unable to locate somebody who was reported to be “talking into a cellphone and making threats to the person on the other end” on Ingalls Terrace at 9:34 p.m.



Police were unable to locate an elderly male who was reported to be hitchhiking at Cabot and Balch streets at 7:53 p.m.

An 8:29 p.m. report that a male and female were arguing brought police to Sohier Road and Lyman Street, where they determined the latter was “upset over diagnosis at hospital” and the former was “caring for her.”


Police responded to a 1:37 a.m. report of an “unknown problem” at 174 Rantoul St. and spoke to a “slightly intoxicated” female who “relayed numerous accounts of her purse being lost, stolen and being in a fight with an unknown female party.” Police wrote that she “could not get her story straight” and eventually fled the area on foot toward Pleasant Street.

Police didn’t report finding anything suspicious after an 11:19 a.m. report that a male had taken his pants off and gone into a wooded area near Cabot and Balch streets.

An officer was unable to locate anything amiss after a 2:53 p.m. report that a man was drinking alcohol in a park near Porter Street.

A 3:58 p.m. report of a “man sick in dumpster” brought police to Rantoul Street, but they didn’t report finding anything suspicious.

Police received a 3:59 p.m. report that a man was “hanging around young children” on East Lothrop Street. Office Mike Boccuzzi said in an email that the man — described as being in his 50s or 60s, with a gray mustache with some red in it, about 5 feet 8 with a heavy build — had been seen talking to families and young children at a playground a couple times.

A 4:49 p.m. report that kids were getting “picked on” brought police to Gage Street. “Party who has psych and emotional issues took exception when older kids would not play with him and brother,” an officer wrote later. “Father came to park and took kids home.”

Police received a 6:53 p.m. report that a son was late in returning home to a Manor Road address. An officer wrote later: “Son played 18 holes of golf instead of 9.”


The U.S. Air Marshals were conducting surveillance at Beverly Airport after receiving a report that a laser had been pointed at aircraft, according to an 11:12 a.m. log item, but an officer wrote that it was actually part of a Visible Intermodal Protection and Response exercise. “These operations are periodically done,” police wrote. Another officer said he didn’t think there had been any credible reports of lasers pointed at aircraft in the area.



Police were unable to locate a moving vehicle on New Derby Street in which people were reported to be possibly drinking liquor at 4:36 p.m.

Police responded to a 5:45 p.m. report of an accident near Federal and St. Peter Street and determined a motorist had struck a tree while he was looking at his GPS device. No injuries were reported, but the vehicle sustained heavy front-end damage, according to the log.

A 7:48 p.m. report that a woman was yelling on her phone brought police to 289 Essex St., where she told an officer she has “trouble hearing and has to talk loud.” The officer wrote that she “had no problem hearing me earlier in the shift when I was dispatched to her apartment and had no problem hearing me when I spoke to her during this call.” She was advised to “keep her phone conversations down,” according to the log.

A 10:17 p.m. report of shoplifting at Wal-Mart on Highland Avenue led to the arrest of Katie M. Doherty, 30, of 330 Walnut St., Lynn, on a charge of shoplifting by concealing merchandise. She was also wanted on a warrant, according to the log.


An 8 a.m. report of a disturbance on Canal Street resulted in the arrest of Melissa Rey Pizzaro, 26, of 101 Canal St., Salem, on a charge of domestic assault and battery.

A 12:42 a.m. report that a woman was being followed brought police to the Salem Common. Subsequently arrested was Jason M. McKenney, 30, homeless, on a charge of drinking in public and giving a false name to a police officer.

Police responded to a 1:12 a.m. report that a Honda Accord had struck a telephone pole at School and Dunlap streets. The operator of the vehicle fled on foot before officers arrived.

A Broad Street man reported at 8:18 a.m. that his neighbor has been harassing ever him since his dog bit him the previous week. The man said somebody had written “beware of dog” in chalk on the sidewalk outside his home, complete with arrows pointing at his residence.

An ambulance was involved in a minor accident on Swampscott Road as it was responding about 11:30 p.m. to a report that a bicyclist had struck a vehicle near Wal-Mart on Highland Avenue. No injuries were reported in either incident.



Police were unable to locate anything amiss after a 7:23 p.m. report that somebody had heard screaming near 7 Appleton St.


Police received a 2:10 p.m. report that people were drag racing near Andover Street and Rosewood Drive.



An officer investigated a car parked on the side of the road at Boston and Garden streets about 2 a.m. and subsequently arrested Samantha Olson, 20, of 7 Marvin St., Methuen, on a charge of drunken driving.