, Salem, MA

May 1, 2013

Razor blades discovered with Limbaugh's papers

By Ethan Forman
Staff writer

---- — There was some drama before opening remarks in Roy Limbaugh’s trial yesterday.

After Monday’s proceedings, Middleton Jail guards said they found blades that were taken from disposable razors, wrapped in toilet paper and mixed in with Limbaugh’s papers in a manila envelope when he arrived back to the jail.

Limbaugh said the blades might have been planted in his court papers, which he claimed were “messed with” and ripped.

“They are doing this to mess around with me,” Limbaugh told Judge Howard Whitehead.

Middleton Jail Superintendent Michael Marks came to court yesterday to tell Whitehead what officers had found. The blades were confiscated and placed into evidence, Marks said. Per jail procedure, Limbaugh was placed into segregation pending disciplinary action.

Whitehead asked that the disciplinary matter be dealt quickly so Limbaugh could go back to where he was living. He asked that Limbaugh’s papers be returned to him.

Prosecutor Gerald Shea asked that steps be taken so that there is no possibility of Limbaugh having razors in court, given the nature of the case.

“It is very disturbing to me that Mr. Limbaugh has contraband like razor blades,” Shea said.

“Make sure no razor blades get into our building,” Whitehead told Marks. “I’m not sure that they did.”