, Salem, MA

May 8, 2013


The Salem News

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One person was transported to Salem Hospital after a 10:11 a.m. report of “sand in eyes” on Farrell Court.

A Creesy Street woman reported at 4:31 p.m. that she could hear a child in an apartment below her yelling “Please mommy,” but police determined everything was fine.

Police received an 8:23 p.m. report that young men were “bothering people” and possibly drinking in front of the high school on Humphrey Street. Police wrote later: “Spoke to them about being there at this hour. Bottle was nonalcoholic but looked similar to a wine bottle.”


Police received a 6:39 a.m. report from a Beverly Avenue woman who said she could “see steam coming from something” outside, but police found nothing suspicious in the area.



A Roy Street man reported at 1:57 p.m. that his landlord was sitting in her vehicle in the driveway “and he believes he is being harassed.”

Police received a 4:35 p.m. report that a man was taking pictures of a house at 10 Priscilla Road, but police were unable to locate him.



A man known only as “Dave” was harassing customers at a restaurant at 48 Congress St., according to a 4:43 p.m. report. An employee told police that Dave had approached three women who were eating and said, “Hey would you like to make some money?” When confronted, Dave told the employee, “You just better watch out” and then walked off.

Police conducted a traffic stop at Traders Way and Highland Avenue at 5:25 p.m. and arrested Brendan Murray, 21, of 64 Coolidge Road, Lynn, on a charge of operating with a revoked license.

A 7:49 p.m. report of a confused woman “with luggage and tree branch” brought police to Wharf Street, where they determined she was fine and had just arrived from Madison, Wis.

Police received an 8:31 p.m. report that man’s Mercedes was broken into while it was parked at the garage at 2 East India Square. Items stolen included an Apple iPad, a backpack, a fishing knife — and the parking ticket for the garage.

A traffic stop on the James Ayube Bypass Road at 10:03 p.m. resulted in the arrest of Jason Driscoll, 27, of 43 Cornel Road, Beverly, on charges of drunken driving and speeding.

Police received a 10:31 p.m. report that somebody with a flashlight was looking into homes on Cabot Street, but police were unable to locate anything amiss.

A Cross Avenue man called police when he returned to his residence at 11:04 p.m. and discovered the front door was open, as was the door to his refrigerator. “The home was checked and nothing suspicious was found of place,” wrote police. “Nothing was reported missing from the home.”


At 1:23 a.m., a Salem State University officer at 1 College Drive arrested Brian Letscher, 19, of 83 West St., Wrentham, on a charge of domestic assault and battery.

Police received a 3:26 a.m. report of a domestic dispute at 162 North St. “Several attempts were made to speak to someone in that apartment but our knocks went unanswered at both the front and back doors,” wrote police. The Fire Department was called in to force entry to the unit but police eventually contacted the tenant, who said “she did not hear anyone knocking, that no one called her home and everything was fine.” Police wrote: “She believes one of the neighbors heard her television.”

A Tedesco Pound Place resident found a sword in his attic and turned it in to police, according to a 9:57 a.m. report.

The owner of the Magic Parlor store on Essex Street reported at 12:44 p.m. that he’d seen a woman pushing a baby stroller steal a $2.99 ring. Police found the woman and she denied taking the ring but agreed to pay for it.

A Highland Avenue woman reported at 1:12 p.m. that somebody had stolen her $150 fake fur coat from her apartment about a week earlier.

A 2:46 p.m. report of a protective order violation on Lafayette Street resulted in the arrest of Gary Woodbury, 57, of 335 Lafayette St., Salem, on a charge of violating a protective order. He was also the subject of a warrant, according to the log.



A house on Harris Street had been egged the night before, according to a 5:01 p.m. report.

Police received an 11:50 p.m. report that somebody in a white sedan on Perley Avenue was throwing beer bottles out the window and shining a laser into the windows of a residence. Police found the broken bottles but couldn’t locate the car.


A Wilson Terrace resident reported at 1:31 p.m. that a wheelchair had been stolen from a storage area.



Police received an 8:02 p.m. report of syringes in the parking lot of the Texas Roadhouse on Newbury Street, but an officer was unable to locate them.


A traffic stop on Endicott Street at 5:37 a.m. resulted in the arrest of Paul Singh, 37, of 22 Nesmith St., Apt. 3, Lawrence, on charges of attaching plates, having an unregistered motor vehicle and having an uninsured motor vehicle or trailer.

Police performed a well-being check on a man on Old Burley Street after a 4:27 p.m. report that he was flying the American flag upside down. An officer said the man was fine and that he had the flag that way because he was upset at the government.



Police received a 4:29 p.m. report of a raccoon in an apartment on Abbott Street. The caller was advised to seek help from a private pest-removal company.


Police received a 6:30 p.m. report that an intoxicated person was walking in the roadway at Herrick Street and Sohier Road.