, Salem, MA

August 31, 2013


The Salem News

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Around 1:30 p.m., an officer in the area of Ocean Avenue arrested Manolin F. Soto, 34, of 566 Chestnut St., Lynn, on charges of operating a motor vehicle with a license revoked as a habitual traffic offender, having an unregistered motor vehicle and a number plate violation to conceal identification.

Police were unable to locate anything amiss after a 2:36 p.m. report that an argument at Cowell and Pond streets “seems to be getting heated.”

An anonymous man reported at 10 p.m. that somebody in a Jeep had tried to run him and his dog over in a park on Front Street “and the operator was being confrontational and caller claimed the person was drunk.” Police didn’t report finding anything suspicious in the area.


A caller reported at 12:54 a.m. that two young children — possibly a 10- and 7-year-old — were sitting by themselves on a bench on Pleasant Street. An officer determined they were both 14 and transported them back to their house, where they spoke with a guardian.



Somebody broke into a Warren Street apartment via a rear window and stole two televisions, according to a 2:06 p.m. log item.

A man reported at 5:47 p.m. that a dealership on Washington Street was “refusing to fix his motor vehicle that is covered under warranty.” Police wrote later: “Both parties revolved the issue before officer arrived.”

Police and the Fire Department responded to a 7:17 p.m. report of a fire alarm at 32 Lynn St. An officer wrote later: “The alarm that the reporting party heard was an alarm clock. Fire was able to locate it. All in order.”

Police notified the Fire Department that a hydrant near 60 Northend St. was leaking, according to a 7:24 p.m. log item.

The DPW was notified after an 8:45 p.m. report that there was a dead fox in the roadway near 218 Andover St.

A woman reported at 8:59 p.m. that she suspected a “homeless relative of hers” had been using a Lynn Street residence she recently inherited from a deceased parent “as a home without authorization.” An officer checked the residence and determined it appeared uninhabited.


A juvenile on Keys Drive reported at 10:27 a.m. that somebody had hacked her Instagram account and posted derogatory comments about her on it. An officer advised her to report the incident to Instagram.

Police received an 11:27 a.m. report that a vehicle outside the Burlington Coat Factory at 310 Andover St. had been broken into and a laptop, cellphone and nurse’s bag stolen from inside.



Police received a 4:44 p.m. report that several vehicles on Elm Place had been keyed.



Police responded to 11 Traders Way after a 4:51 p.m. report that two men had been asking for money to buy food. An officer located them, checked them for warrants and sent them on their way, according to the log.

A 5:03 p.m. report of a “group of undesirables that were possibly drinking alcohol” brought police to 76 Wharf St. Subsequently arrested was Robert A. Bouffard, 63, of 56 Margin St., Salem, on a charge of drinking in public, and Jason M. McKenney, 30, homeless, on a charge of drinking in public.

An officer was unable to locate a group of youths that were reported to be in the roadway near 13 High St. at 8:11 p.m.


Police responded to a Sutton Avenue address after a man requested assistance about 1:15 a.m. The man told officers that he had discovered the woman he was living with had been cheating on him. “He notified her of this via text message and she advised him that she would be sending two retrieve a phone charger,” wrote police. When the friends arrived, the man refused to hand over the charger “because it was his.” He told police he was concerned they might return for the charger. An officer wrote: “I advised him that if he didn’t want this to escalate and continue throughout the night he should probably hand over the phone charger. I advised him they were inexpensive and not worth having the police called to his home. He was also advised that if he didn’t want to turn it over and the group showed up he could call the police and the situation would be handled.”

Officers responded to the U-Haul business on Jefferson Avenue after a 9:51 a.m. hold-up alarm and determined that there had been no robbery, only an “unruly customer who left the area prior to police arrival.” An officer advised the store manager to “use the phone for police if needed, and use the alarm in the event of actual robbery.”

An 11 a.m. report of a group in an alley at Higginson Square resulted in the arrest of Jamie Lynn Trudniak, 49, homeless, on a charge of drinking in public.

A Prince Street woman reported at 12:28 p.m. that she had received a call from an unknown man who said her daughter had been in an accident and that she needed $1,500 to “fix the problem.” The man said he would kill both the woman and her daughter if she contacted the police. The woman disconnected the call, contacted her daughter and determined she was fine, then called police and provided them with the phone number the call had come from. An officer called that number and a man answered. The officer wrote: “After I introduced myself and asked him about the bogus call ... he started to curse me and the situation and then disconnected the call.” Police are investigating.

A 2:45 p.m. report of a hit-and-run brought police to Boston and Watson streets, where they spoke with a woman who claimed that, as she tried to cross the street, a dark vehicle traveling at an extremely high rate of speed had struck the right side of her body, causing her right foot to slip out of her shoe. A man also reported that the vehicle had struck his fanny pack. The vehicle reportedly stopped for a moment afterward and an occupant argued with the two, then it sped off. An officer also spoke to a juvenile on scene; he said he didn’t believe the vehicle had struck the woman, and that it was “traveling at a normal speed and not fast.” No injuries were reported.

An officer responded to 40 Highland Ave. after a 3:25 p.m. report of a suspicious person and spoke to a man who said his neighbor had been soliciting people in the elevator for “low interest rate cash loans.” The officer located the man in question; he was in the parking lot with a sign that read “UBS Bank open cash loans,” according to the log. Police wrote: “He related it was a joke because in the past he has lent money and people took him a long time to pay him back. He agreed to take the sign down and [was] advised a report would be filed.”



An 8:56 p.m. report of a domestic dispute on Locust Street resulted in the arrest of Kathy Sawall, 54, of 31 Locust St., Danvers, on a charge of disorderly conduct.


Police conducted a traffic stop on Ash Street at 2:11 a.m. and arrested Kimberly Curtis, 44, of 16 Ash St., Danvers, on a charge of a operating a motor vehicle with a license suspended for drunken driving and a stop sign violation.



Police responded to a 1:05 a.m. report of a domestic disturbance at 4 Oak Ave. and arrested Dustin Ward, 25, of the same address, on a charge of domestic assault and battery.