, Salem, MA

July 12, 2013

Sailboat flips in Beverly harbor

Bethany Bray
Staff Writer

---- — BEVERLY — The Beverly harbormaster came to the aid of two teenage sailors whose sailboat capsized in the waters off the Jubilee Yacht Club this afternoon.

No injuries were reported and the boat was quickly righted, said Harbormaster Dan McPherson.

“They were towed into the boat ramp, where a nervous parent was waiting,” he said. “Everything turned out OK.”

Police received a number of calls reporting a capsized sailboat, with people in the water, just after noon Friday. The boat was in Beverly Harbor, between Independence Park and the Jubilee Yacht Club.

A sail had gotten snagged as the teens were trying to raise the sail. The wind caught the sail and flipped the boat, sending the two sailors overboard, said McPherson.

The small sailboat had been launched in Beverly; McPherson said he believed the sailors were from Beverly.