, Salem, MA

April 18, 2013


The Salem News

---- — Marblehead


A Rockaway Street man reported at 10:30 a.m. that somebody had opened a Comcast account in Salem using his Social Security number.

Police received a 10:46 a.m. report from a Bessom Street man who said he had tried the designated Boston marathon bombing tip line but was unable to get through. “He stated that while helping out some children at the scene, he noted a man behind him just standing and staring at him.” Police advised the man to keep trying to the tip line; according to the log, he eventually got in contact with the FBI.

A Gerry Street woman reported at 1:26 p.m. that she had received a call from “American Roofer Safety” offering a half-priced chimney cleaning. “When caller asked (if) she could have a contact number because she wanted to discuss this with her husband, the phone was hung up,” police wrote.

Police received a 7:19 p.m. report of a black trash bag on Atlantic Avenue. Police wrote: “Confirmed just a bag of trash.”

Kids put cones across Brook Road, according to an 8:38 p.m. log item.



The Fire Department extinguished a fire inside a garage at 13 Centennial Drive, according to a 3:43 p.m. log item.

Police received a 4:36 p.m. report of shoplifting at Petco at 10 Sylvan St. and arrested William McLaughlin, 49, of 16 Cherry St., Apt. 1, Salem, on charges of shoplifting and disorderly conduct and Karen Beaupre, 49, of the same address, on a charge of shoplifting.

Police received a 7:56 p.m. report of a shoplifter at J.C. Penney at the Northshore Mall who had an expired Visa, a Lebanese passport, two children and an “inability to communicate due to language barrier,” according to the log. Police determined that the woman’s husband had a valid Visa. Police were investigating.

A 7:57 p.m. report of that a man had been “sitting around acting suspicious for the last couple days” brought police to Johnson Avenue. Police wrote later: “Party was sent on his way.”

A Coleman Street woman reported at 8:58 a.m. that four or five teens had been on her front porch “for no reason.” When the woman approached them, they left toward Arnold Road, according to the log. An officer was unable to locate them.

Police received a 9:17 p.m. report from a Crane Brook Way woman who said she could hear obscenities in a neighboring apartment. An officer determined that a nearby resident had been “yelling at her kids, putting them to bed.”

A house and vehicle at 5 Judith Road had been struck by paintballs, according to a 9:26 p.m. report.

A Mansfield Street resident reported that two women in a silver Camry were “possibly performing drug-related activities” at 10:18 p.m. An officer was unable to locate them.

An 11:33 p.m. report of an unwanted guest at the Charles Motel, 4 Mill St., resulted in the arrest of Eric Amor, 41, of 106 Second St., North Andover, on a charge of violating an abuse prevention order. He was also wanted on a warrant, according to the log.


Police received a 10:46 a.m. report from a Webster Street man who said someone had broken into his backhoe and damaged the ignition in an attempt to hot-wire it.



Police received a 9:04 a.m. report that “unknown parties” were arguing at 45 Broadway. “ATF agents were on scene looking to question an individual,” police wrote in the log. Officer Mike Boccuzzi wrote in an email that the agents “wouldn’t comment on what they were looking for” and that the owner of the building had been concerned “with the identification presented.” Boccuzzi wrote: “Everything checked out and officers cleared.”



A Paradise Road woman told police at 6:32 a.m. that her neighbors had been dumping trash near her house.

Police received a 1:40 p.m. report that a man had run from Marshalls on Paradise Road after stealing something. Subsequently arrested was Emmanuel Dejesus, 29, of 77 Green St., Lynn, on charges of shoplifting and malicious destruction of property under $250.

A caller reported at 7:03 p.m. that teenagers were “fooling around” in the street near Puritan Road and Robin Lane, “causing motorists to slam on their brakes.”

A 7:42 p.m. report of shoplifting at CVS at 413 Paradise Road resulted in the arrest of Brandie Pelechowicz, 30, of 5 Barnard Hawks Court, Marblehead, on a charge of shoplifting.



Police received a 5:21 p.m. report that there were syringes near the playground at John George Park, 35 River St.

A parent struck a child at Walmart at 55 Brooksby Village Drive, according to a 9:18 p.m. log item.


A 2:28 p.m. report of shoplifting at Walmart resulted in the arrest of Ann Marie Fischer, 26, of 11 Savoy Road, Hamilton, on a charge of shoplifting over $100. Police returned to the store at 5:12 p.m. after another report of shoplifting and arrested Roland Harvey, 60, of 42 Preston St., Danvers, on charges of two counts of shoplifting.


Police conducted a traffic stop at Locust and Poplar streets at 7:42 a.m. and arrested Ernesto Gaitan, 37, of 52 Howard St., Lynn, on charges of unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended or revoked registration, having an unregistered vehicle and having an uninsured motor vehicle or trailer.



A man told police at 12:59 p.m. that he had dropped off $6,000 worth of clothing at a cleaning business on Canal Street and “when he went back this month to retrieve these items, they were not there.” The man said he had dropped the clothing off either in September, October or November 2012, but couldn’t provide any paperwork proving he had done so.

A heavy picnic table at a Flint Street address blew over and landed on a dog, injuring the animal, according to a 1:49 p.m. report. The dog was bleeding afterward and was brought to North Shore Animal Hospital.

Police received a 5:28 p.m. report of shoplifting at Shaw’s Supermarket at 11 Traders Way and arrested Malinda Oates, 42, of 603 Manor Road, Beverly, on a charge of shoplifting.

A 6:27 p.m. report of children hanging out a window brought police to 41 Rainbow Terrace, where they were unable to locate anything suspicious. A man at the residence said his son “may have been playing around with the window in his bedroom,” police wrote.

Police conducted a traffic stop at Highland Avenue and Mooney Road at 6:36 p.m. and arrested Caitlynne White, 22, of 38 Hanover St., Lynn, on a charge of operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license and illegal possession of a Class B substance (Adderall).

At 6:59 p.m., officers at Lafayette and Holly streets arrested Edwin Colon, 34, of 117 Loring Ave., Salem, on a charge of illegal possession of a Class B substance, seventh subsequent offense.

Police responded to a 7:21 p.m. report of a domestic dispute on Cross Avenue and determined that a husband and a wife were arguing after the man informed the woman he was having an affair.


A 10:20 a.m. report that a man was “screaming and talking to himself for no apparent reason” brought police to Pope Street, where they were unable to find any signs of a disturbance.

Police responded to a 1:03 p.m. report that people were drinking in the Broad Street cemetery and arrested a 50-year-old Salem man on a warrant out of Peabody.

A Bridge Street man reported at 2:07 p.m. that an unknown man had smashed a fluorescent bulb in his driveway as part of an ongoing dispute.

A 2:24 p.m. report that people were engaging in a sexual act in a car brought police to 32 Clifton Ave., where they determined two people were hugging on a seawall. One person was taken into protective custody after police determined that he or she was intoxicated.