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May 21, 2010

Cleaning man drawn into sausage machine

DANVERS — A man who was part of a cleaning company at DiLuigi Sausage Co. on Pope's Lane was taken to the hospital last night after he was partially sucked into a seasoning machine.

The victim was cleaning inside "a vacuum-type cylinder" that draws marinade into the meat, according to police Lt. Carole Germano.

Somehow, the machine was activated while the man was still inside and he got drawn underneath. His head and shoulders got stuck in the machine.

The man was helped out of the machine. Germano said the man had no obvious signs of trauma but was taken to Beverly Hospital to be checked out for any internal injuries.

Police said there was a language barrier and they do not know the victim's name or age.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was called and they will respond in the morning to investigate.

DiLuigi's has been operating in Danvers since May 2001, but it used to be hidden behind the former home of Baert Marine's powerboat dealership, which has since moved to Middleton.

The company opened a butcher shop on the former dealership two years ago.

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Local News

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