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September 3, 2013

False alarm in search for lost Beverly parrot

BEVERLY — They thought it might be PeeWee, the lost parrot. But it turned out to be a false alarm.

A resident on Middlebury Lane called police at 11:53 a.m. Saturday after spotting a parrot in a tree. Police then contacted Bonnie Michalowski, thinking the exotic bird might be PeeWee, a cherry-headed conure that escaped from his Hillside Avenue home on Aug. 5.

Michalowski raced to the Centerville home late Saturday morning, but the bird had already flown away. A man at the home had taken a picture of the bird with his cellphone. Unfortunately, it wasn’t PeeWee.

“It was a large Amazon parrot with a yellow head and green body,” Michalowski said. “PeeWee is smaller and has a red head and green body.”

Michalowski and her husband, Don Talbot, have put up posters around Ryal Side, contacted police and taken out an ad in the newspaper. Michalowski took a day off from work to look for him.

The family is getting all sorts of reports of lost birds since taking out the newspaper advertisement and from the subsequent press.

“I guess I am not the only one,” she said.

The couple has had PeeWee for 19 years, longer than they’ve had their 12-year-old daughter, Merrick.

Cherry-headed conures like PeeWee are native to Ecuador and Peru and have green feathers with a splash of red on their faces and heads.

PeeWee can utter a few words and phrases, including “Hello,” “Come on up,” “Gimme a kiss” and “Love you,” Michalowski said. He also makes a kissing noise when he’s happy and can say “Pyewackett” and “Boobus,” the names of the family’s two deceased cats.

There have been reported sightings of the beloved bird, but no luck in catching him.

“That’s the problem,” Michalowski said. “By the time I get a reported sighting and get there, he has already flown off.”

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