, Salem, MA

October 25, 2013


The Salem News

---- — Marblehead


A Brackett Place woman reported at 11:57 a.m. that somebody had called her from a foreign number and left a message saying only, “Please die.”

A boy’s parents on Vine Street reported at 12:22 p.m. that they were concerned about someone their son was texting with. An officer wrote later: “Everything is fine, just stories being written back and forth on the computer. Was a girl at school.”

A man reported at 1:57 p.m. that he been doing work at a house on Crowninshield Road when an older male in a “dirty” Verizon sweatshirt and sweatpants approached him. “When asked for credentials, he said they were in his truck,” wrote police. “Caller had to leave the area but said there are a number of contractors in the area who have expressed concern for the male who seems to be out of place.” An officer investigated, and police wrote later: “They check out, subcontractor for Verizon.”

A man went to the station at 6:51 p.m., according to the log. An officer wrote: “He asked for my email address. He stated he just bought a new computer at the Apple store and wanted to check how it worked. He asked for the station email. He apologized for causing a problem. He asked for the chief’s email as well. He asked if we had WiFi here. He was advised to go to the library.”

A Creesy Street woman reported at 11:09 p.m. that her downstairs neighbor was screaming at someone. Police wrote later: “Unfounded. The original caller was called back and heard no further yelling. She was advised to call back with an escalation of the incident.”



Police received a 5:22 p.m. report that the person who had committed an armed robbery at the Gap on Paradise Road had been seen in the store again. “Staff not sure it was suspect, but person left prior to arrival,” an officer wrote later. “Unit searched area but no luck.”



A Newcastle Road woman reported at 4:20 p.m. that “somebody wanted to steal the aluminum off of her house,” according to the log.

An officer was unable to locate three teenagers who were reported to be dressed as ninjas and ringing door bells in the area of Aberdeen Avenue at 7:59 p.m.

Police were unable to locate anything amiss after a Normandy Drive woman reported at 10:48 p.m. that she had been awoken by a female yelling “for help and for somebody to call the police” from a vehicle.


A 7:23 a.m. report of a medical emergency brought police to 50 Central St., where a male with “blood coming from his mouth” ran away as an officer approached. The male “refused to give any information as to why his mouth is bleeding, and refused medical attention provided by Atlantic Ambulance,” police wrote.



A 2:54 a.m. report of loud neighbors brought police to 23 Courtney Drive. Police wrote later: “Ongoing issue. Will keep down. Large Doberman in house.”

Police conducted a traffic stop at Park and Federal streets at 10:45 a.m. and subsequently arrested Mario Candela, 19, of 9 Bellair St., Lynn, on a charge of unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

Police were unable to locate anything amiss after a 3:17 p.m. report that a male had jumped out of a black Dodge Durango on Kernwood Avenue “and the driver of the vehicle fled after him.”



Police received an 8:42 p.m. report that a Kindle had been stolen from someone at the Knights Inn on Newbury Street.


A 3:23 a.m. report of a suspicious vehicle brought police to Saint Hilaire Ave. Subsequently arrested on a charge of being a person under 21 in possession of liquor was Ryan Bradley, 19, of 3 Pine Ave., Wilmington; Brandon Ferreira, 18, of 193 Winter St., Saugus; and Daniel Murphy, 18, of 24 Pleasant Ave., Saugus.

Police were unable to locate youths who were reported to be near loading docks at 120 Andover St. at 6:20 p.m.



A Hart Way woman reported at 4:26 p.m. that somebody had been knocking on her windows at night.

Police received a 5:07 p.m. report that two small pumpkins had been stolen from the front steps at 86 Rainbow Terrace.

A woman reported at 8:27 p.m. that she believed a man had followed her on Norman Street, but police determined later that the man “just happened to be walking in the same direction” and that both lived on the same street.

Police received a 10 p.m. report of a protective order violation on Congress Street. Subsequently arrested was Paul T. Carolan Jr., 34, of 17 Leavitt St., Salem, on a charge of violating a protective order.


A woman reported at 10:22 p.m. that she’d lost a bottle containing 13 oxycodone pills while shopping at the Market Basket on Highland Avenue.