, Salem, MA

October 30, 2013

Police: Woman falsely reports abduction

By Neil H. Dempsey
Staff Writer

---- — BEVERLY — Officers dealt with a bizarre incident on Monday night that began when a woman reported to local police that she was being abducted somewhere in Peabody.

Police received a report of the supposed abduction shortly before 10 p.m. Peabody police were then able to phone the woman, who told them she was in a white Nissan Rouge somewhere in their city and was “unsure what’s around her or where she is,” according to the incident log.

“At this point, she hung up the phone,” police wrote.

A be-on-the-lookout alert was put out to all officers in the area, then Peabody police received another call from the woman — identified in the logs only as “Dianna” — saying that she was near a bridge that “goes up,” according to the log.

The woman then said she was on Bridge Street and heading toward an address on Rantoul Street in Beverly.

“At this point, she stated that she was with a friend and that she was with him unwillingly,” wrote police.

While one Peabody officer was on the phone with the woman, another officer was on another line relaying the information directly to Beverly police, according to the log.

Still on the line, the woman next told police she was pulling onto Rantoul Street.

“In the background, the male party was telling her to get out of the vehicle,” wrote police. “As she was taking her belongings out of the [vehicle], the Beverly PD arrived on scene.”

Officer Mike Boccuzzi, spokesman for Beverly police, said last night that the abduction claim was a “false report,” that officers determined the woman was fine and that the man she was with had done nothing wrong.

“There was absolutely no basis to that call,” he said.

Boccuzzi said police have had previous “dealings” with the woman, but he had no idea why she would report having been abducted.

It was unclear whether the woman will face charges in relation to the incident.