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December 22, 2012

House owner, 2 others accused of plotting blast


Randall Cable, the attorney representing Shirley and Mark Leonard, said he had not reviewed the documents laying out the charges against his clients. But he said they have always maintained that they are innocent. Cable also said that if the explosion was intentional, someone else was responsible.

“Most of what I heard in the press conference was opinion and conclusions,” he said. “They have got to be able to back their opinions and conclusions up with some type of evidentiary proof.”

Prosecutors, however, contend that on the weekend of the blast as well as the weekend of the alleged failed attempt, Mark Leonard and Shirley took identical steps, including boarding the cat, leaving Shirley’s daughter with a baby-sitter and spending the weekend away.

A neighbor told investigators that the day of the blast he saw two stocky men he did not recognize get out of a van that belonged to Mark Leonard, according to court documents. The men entered the house and then within minutes “hurriedly” got back in the van and drove off, the neighbor said.

Court documents also say that the neighbor’s description of one of the men fit Bob Leonard.

Shirley and the Leonards are scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

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