, Salem, MA

November 26, 2013

Letter: Fond memories of growing up in South Salem

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Reading Brendan Walsh’s beautiful and rich memories of growing up in south Salem (”Mourning the loss of an institution,” Nov. 12) brought back many memories of growing up in South Salem and growing up in my parents’ store (Gallo’s Fruit Store) on Front Street in Salem. Both parents worked in the store, and my mom told me she fashioned a crib for me next to the potbelly stove (1931) so she could continue to help out part time in the store. I hung out there and also helped out until college.

Reading Walsh’s letter prompted me to pull out clippings I’ve cut out from The Salem News, going back to when it was The Evening News, Salem, Mass. One is a column by former Mayor Anthony Salvo dated March 3, 2001. The column measures 6 inches wide by 16 inches long. It names 16 Salem streets and names each business on the street. An amazing piece of work. Worth printing again for us old-timers still around. Thanks to Walsh’s letter, I got to reminiscing once again about the rich experience I had growing up.

Now, back to the morning chores that didn’t get done.

Joanne Gallo