, Salem, MA

November 26, 2013

Letter: Thank you, Beverly

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

The North Beverly Neighborhood Association and the Montserrat Neighborhood Group are tremendously grateful (this word should be spelled “greatful”) for the support given by the citizens and business owners of Beverly over these past 20 days.

Earlier this month, the Preserve Beverly’s Neighborhoods group delivered petitions to City Hall with 4,422 signatures of Beverly citizens who have demonstrated their support of the democratic process by signing our petition to bring the rezoning of Brimbal Avenue to a public vote. This number represents almost half of the total number of citizens who voted in this past election. To city workers who will process the 495 pages of signatures — we thank you.

Our group believes that a project of this scope deserves to be considered by those who will be feeling the impact of the development; until now, our voice had not been heard. To the newspaper that covered the issues honestly and respected our voice — we thank you. To everyone who talked with us, read the literature, considered the information and wanted to be part of this democratic process by passing on the information to family and friends — we thank you. To all of you who signed the petition to bring this decision to a public vote — we thank you.

Your signature represents a belief in the democratic process; some of you will vote for rezoning, and some will vote against it; however you vote, we thank you. So many local businesses allowed us to stand in front of their stores, sit inside their stores and leave petitions in their stores, allowing us access to many more citizens; we thank you.

To quote one member of our group: “This process has uncovered strengths of individuals, families and business owners that make up our neighborhoods — those that want to help and contribute to building a better Beverly — without hidden agendas. I haven’t seen anything like this in my 56 years here.”

We are proud of our community and GREATFUL for everyone’s support; we look forward to the public vote you have all made possible.

Carol Chalker

Preserve Beverly’s Neighborhoods Coalition