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August 7, 2013

Anderson: The spirit of resistance, one sticker at a time


He did get the gas tax adjustment to the Consumer Price Index that will happen automatically each January, so that our legislators will never have to vote on the subject again. A ballot committee is organizing this week to repeal that provision it calls “taxation without representation.”

You could also apply this phrase to another provision in the new tax package, the creation of a sales tax on computer services, because all our legislators who voted for it had no idea what it does and to whom. We’ll find out as it gets implemented, just as we are slowly learning what Congress voted for when it passed ObamaCare.

There’s new information just since my July 17 column, which noted that companies are trying to avoid paying the employer mandate by not having the “more than 50” full-time employees that trigger this mandate. Some of them are hiring only part-timers: But now, the healthcare bureaucrats are working on a formula that adds up the part-timers into equivalent full-timers. It seems the only way to avoid the expensive mandate it to not hire, as unemployment rises. There are plenty of jobs available in the part of the public sector that must interpret and implement the complexity of ObamaCare, though.

Republicans continue to try to repeal it, with the latest effort in the House to defund the provisions that require government spending. Some ask why the Republicans don’t come up with their own plan. Here is why.

Republicans, and other ObamaCare opponents, don’t want to mandate that citizens buy their own insurance. But they won’t take on the other federal mandate that everyone who goes to an emergency room must be treated because, truly, most of us don’t want to see sick people screaming in pain and dying on the steps of the hospital. So, someone has to pay: either the patient or all of us through our own premiums or our taxes.

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