, Salem, MA

August 12, 2013


The Salem News

---- — Due to a production error, the first paragraph of City Councilor Josh Turiel’s Saturday, Aug. 10, letter to the editor was omitted. It reads as follows:

“I don’t mind using strong words to get a point across — and at the same time, if being outspoken on an issue of great importance to the city (even if I have no authority over them other than to vote on their budget) is enough to get people to try and beat me, so be it. Salem schools have been on a downward trend for years, and under the watch of the School Committee. Deb Amaral and Lisa Lavoie weren’t there when this all has happened, so I don’t have any issue with the work they’ve done. And frankly, outside of the Saltonstall debacle and where we are now, I have high personal regard overall for Dr. Walsh. He’s a very good man who’s served the city well in a number of ways for decades. His work for Salem is exemplary.”

The complete, corrected letter can be found online at