, Salem, MA

October 29, 2012

Letter: Tired of taxes, tired of the CPA

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

A tax is a tax is a tax. Call it a proposition, call it a trash fee, call it an override. It is still a tax. Take the trash fee (please) as an example. It is to be used for trash collection only, but King William proposed an increase to “improve roads.” I was under the impression that we were paying for this with our current taxes. He either knew that this was not legal or he was trying to slip one past us. Maybe he should have spent that $1.3 million on the roads instead of on parking lots that fewer and fewer people use.

Now we have Question 4, save the endangered land. Another nebulous tax proposal. How about saving the endangered taxpayer?

I have a proposition. Let me pay for only those services that I use. I do not use the schools, the ball fields, the parks. There are, I am sure, many others, but I think you get my point. They want us to pay indirectly for new development on Rantoul Street. When you give a developer a tax break, the money has to come from somewhere. I am tired of it coming from me.

Dennis Silverio