, Salem, MA

November 1, 2012

Letter: Tierney a man of integrity

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

You may not like Congressman John Tierney’s vision for our country’s future or his stance on certain issues. You may not like that he stands with President Obama. These are all valid reasons not to vote for John Tierney.

However, the one reason that should not prevent you from voting for John Tierney is his character. John is not a thief. John is not a liar, and John is not a criminal. John is a man of integrity and honesty, and the people of the 6th District who have watched him over 16 years know this.

When late in life John got married, he unfortunately took on two felonious brothers-in-law. After they were convicted for tax evasion from the running of an illegal gambling ring, federal probation required that a business plan be provided, outlining how the brothers were to earn a living. They provided such a business plan and included consultation to a “legal gambling” business in Antigua, which was approved by a federal judge and the U.S. attorney’s office.

When money started rolling in, it certainly looked like their business plan was working. It certainly appeared that way to the federal probation office, the court system monitoring their conduct and to the accountant who was reporting the money to the IRS. John was in the same shoes and learned that the legal gambling business was not, in fact, legal, as his brothers-in-law had contended, when the feds made their investigation public.

It is unfair that a congressman with John’s history of unfaltering and unquestioned integrity is being dragged down by felons whom he happens to be related to by marriage. It is unfair that no one is focusing on John’s job creation, or his untiring commitment to the middle class and the education of our children. It is also unfair that, although Mr. Tisei disavows any relationship to these groups, mailings keep showing up on our kitchen table that looks like the front page of the National Enquirer. Richard Tisei and the shadowy outside groups all know the truth, and wouldn’t have a chance to even challenge John if they argued his record as a congressman.

If you don’t like John Tierney’s politics, don’t vote for him. But do not fall prey to those who delight in bringing down an innocent man who works every day for the people of our district. It is unfair.

Jeffrey T. Scuteri