, Salem, MA

May 4, 2013

Letter: Mills is ‘Mr. Integrity’

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I am writing this letter to ask the Danvers voters to cast one of their two votes for David A. Mills, who is running for the office of a member of the Danvers Board of Selectmen.

I have personally known David for more than 50 years. Attorney Mills is a lifelong resident of the town. I find him to be a man of his word, and a person who takes diligent responsibility in conducting any duty or position assigned to him. David would bring his multiple talents to this elected office, as he has served as a Danvers Town Meeting member for several years, was elected as the town moderator for several terms and was appointed as a Massachusetts Appeals Court Judge.

Mills, in my opinion, is “Mr. Integrity” and would serve the Danvers public well if he is elected to the Board of Selectmen. David has the ability to be multifaceted and open-minded in his approach to resolving residential and business issues. Please vote him in with one of your two votes.

Andrea J. Daley

Town Meeting member