, Salem, MA

May 16, 2013

Column: Mother's Day should last all month

Mary Alice Cookson
The Salem News

---- — I hope all you great moms enjoyed a Happy Mother’s Day!

Considering that we live in an age when every cause gets its own day (think “Talk like a Pirate Day” in September or “Pack Rat Day” coming up this Friday), I think moms deserve more than just a day.

In fact, I think moms should get a celebration combining the best features of the Super Bowl, the Fourth of July and the Olympics, perhaps with elements of St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day thrown in, but without moms having to do any of the work. Here are 20 reasons why I think this:

First of all, they’re moms, and you know how glamorous that role is (think mom jeans, for example).

They went through labor (think repeated electrical shocks to the belly, for hours, sometimes days).

They nursed you (think 3 a.m. feedings and projectile vomiting).

They responded to your sweet little baby cries all day long — and again at 3 a.m.

They changed your dirty diapers and checked on countless others that weren’t even wet.

They potty-trained you.

They sang to you.

They read you stories, over and over.

They planned your birthday parties, which took place in the backyard, and they brought you to your friends’ parties at places like Chuck E. Cheese’s or Laser Quest.

They watched so you wouldn’t drown in the ball pit.

They drove you to all those activities you liked and many you didn’t (think CCD or the orthodontist).

They refrained from ordering you out of the car and leaving you by the side of the road when you were surly or whining.

They gave you great meals while sometimes themselves just eating scraps left on your plate over the sink.

They did your laundry and didn’t get too upset about the pens, electronic devices and important papers that got washed.

They let you stay home from school when you were sick or took you to the doctor to check out your story.

They went to all your games and meets, no matter how steamy it was inside the gym or pool, and sat through extra innings in all kinds of weather just because they wanted to.

They told you that you were the best one at concerts and recitals and the best looking one going to the prom.

They rejoiced in your triumphs and tried to humor you out of your funk when things didn’t go your way. They still do!

They love you to infinity and beyond no matter what happens.

You love them there and back.

For all these reasons and more, I’m going to propose that moms be honored throughout the remaining month of May and that they receive a year’s supply of our favorite things (think wine, chocolate and hugs from our children).


Mary Alice Cookson is a magazine editor, a mom of two and a Beverly-based columnist. She welcomes comments at