, Salem, MA

February 12, 2014

Letter: Strangers went out of their way to help

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Last Saturday, I came to Beverly to look at a condo at 12 Lothrop St. In descending the front stairs to the street after finding the door locked, and since I use a cane and there is no railing, I lost my balance and fell backward and slammed my head against the door, causing a 3-inch gash on the back of my head.

A young couple were driving by and saw the whole accident. They stopped their car and rushed to my assistance. The young man ran back to his car and got a first-aid kit that he had. The two of them attended to me, and a tenant, who is a nurse, saw the commotion and came out with towels and a blanket. They also called 911 and called my wife in Gloucester. They took wonderful care of me until the ambulance arrived.

I was rushed to Beverly Hospital for a nine-stitch repair, and Susan, the tenant nurse, drove to Gloucester to bring my wife to Beverly to pick up my car. Susan showed my wife the condo, which I still have not seen. I want to thank Susan and the young couple, whose names I don’t know, for possibly saving my life, because I am on Coumadin and could have bled out.

There are still warm and wonderful people out there, even with the terrible things we read about. Thank you again.

Jerry Dubrow

Gloucester (formerly of Beverly)